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The Henry

Hello from Henry B! Edition 5 2021

3rd February 2021


Dear Parent and Students,

We now have a potential date to work towards a return to on site learning, although there are no guarantees at present. We do need to be cautious about this date (as much as we want everyone back as soon as we can) because we know that in the past there has been a difference in return times for primary and secondary schools as a result of rates of age related transmission.

Nonetheless we will begin our planning and as soon as we have a confirmed date of return we will send out further information including how we will return students to school so that they start by having a lateral flow test within their year group bubbles.

If you are planning to give consent to your child undertaking this test please make sure you have returned the consent form by the deadline date. This is a voluntary consent form. No child will be asked to take a test without your consent.

We have also written a Lateral Flow Test FAQ which you will find at:

As a school we have learnt a great deal about the positive use of technology in order to support learning. None more so than the use of online lessons. However, we all appreciate that typing work into an assignment or a quiz is not necessarily straightforward. Whilst I would hope that we will never find ourselves in this situation again, we are exploring ways that we could support our young people in the future and to this end we have included in the work at home section of the website information on how to access a free touch typing course through a website called

The Typing Club is for anyone who wants to improve their touch typing, no matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced typist. Thank you very much to the Learning Support team for signposting us to this opportunity.

Thank you to the Year 10 students who joined me on Monday for the Student Voice Forum. They gave me some very helpful information on the pros and cons of online earning as well as discussing with me what would be a useful focus on their return to onsite learning. I will be passing this onto my colleagues. I look forward to ‘meeting’ with Year 8 this coming Friday.

A message from Mr Janes to Year 7

I am running a challenge for Year 7 students to send me photos of them learning something new away from their screens. I have already had a few entrants but would like many more!  So far I have had examples of students baking for the first time, creating models for the first time and trying a new sport for the first time.

A message from the Maths team

Moscow are excited to announce that we will be holding our UKMT Maths Challenge competition this week for selected students in Years 9, 10 and 11. 

There is also an opportunity for some of our groups to participate in a ‘What's the Point Quadratic Equations’ live show during their maths lessons.  This is being run by StandupMaths and allows students an insight into why Quadratics are important.

Information for Year 11 and Year 10

Open events at Eastleigh College - the hyperlinks are included.

‘We will be holding an online open event next week – Thursday, 11 February with a focus on apprenticeships for National Apprenticeship Week – 8-14 February 2021.

Pupils can:

  • View upcoming dates here. (Thursday, 11 February, Thursday, 18 March and Thursday, 22 April)
  • Book a place at an open event here.
  • Apply for a course via our website here.’

How are you doing with your new hobbies? I have been so impressed with the details and photos of the hobbies you have sent in so far. Do keep sending them in! I have managed to prepare enough patchwork pieces to start the next phase of the quilt this coming weekend. Looking at the weather forecast I think it will be a useful way of spending a wet Sunday afternoon!

Thank you to Mrs Denman for providing this week’s recipe which is for caramel sauce (in the recipe section of the work at home area of the website). I have been looking back at all the other recipes we have in this area which go all the way back to Lockdown One. I am going to try out the Brownies recipe at the weekend and I think the caramel sauce might just be the finishing touch. 

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Winter Reading Challenge which is being run by the Hampshire Library service. This week I have details of a competition being run for all you budding (and already published) writers out there.

The Daily Telegraph have announced The Telegraph Teen Writing Challenge for students aged 13-18. The theme is ‘Lockdown’. You will need to submit 500 words or fewer that ‘creatively capture the spirit of the time, whether you draw on your own experiences of three lockdowns or plunder your imagination’.

The written form can be a letter, a poem, a piece of fiction or ‘any word form that leads you where you want to go’.

The deadline for submission of work is Monday the 22nd of February , so you have half term to complete this.

Full details of the competition are available at and entries need to be submitted to the following email address:

Good luck!

As I was sitting writing this newsletter yesterday I heard the very sad news about Captain Sir Tom Moore. There have been and will continue to be many tributes paid to this wonderful man but for me amongst many of the qualities that made him such a positive role model, it was his discretion that stood out. In a world where social media encourages the over sharing of information and images, here was a man who knew the value of keeping your own counsel.

With my best wishes to you and your family,

Miss Hearle