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The Henry

Maths Every Day

"The only way to learn Mathematics is to do mathematics” 

'A little bit of Maths Every Day' has a different question for each day of the month. Students (as well as parents) can try to tackle these at their own pace; they are a great way for parents to support their child's learning and revision

Each month comes with the answers so students can check how they are doing.  The document can be printed off and stuck up on the fridge or kitchen door etc making it easily accessible for students to complete.

There are two tiers available. The 'Crossover' covers both Higher* and Foundation topics, whilst the 'Number skills' is for those doing Foundation. There may be some questions students find challenging and others that may be easier to do.  Doing 'A little bit of Maths Every Day' will help to aid revision and reinforce learning; ultimately better preparing students for their GCSE’s or assessments.

The tabs opposite contain both worksheets and their solutions.’

*Higher available soon