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January 2021

  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 4 2021

    Published 27/01/21



    27th January 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,

    I have to admit it was rather nice to wake up to a bit of snow on Sunday morning, just to look out on a slightly different scene. I particularly  enjoyed looking at all the mini snowmen that had been built using just the snow in the front garden in order to demonstrate  that no CV-19 rules had been broken in the making of snowmen!

    I hope you were all able to enjoy the day too although I appreciate that it is not always a welcome sight, especially if you have to attend work.

    I appreciate that for all of us there is a great deal of uncertainty around the return to school. We at present have no indication of when that may be and I imagine we will hear it when you do as part of a government briefing broadcast when a decision is made. So onward with the online learning!

    We are all very impressed with the amount of work that our young people are doing in this current lockdown. As teachers we are learning all the time about how to deliver these on line lessons. I know that in my own lessons faced with a blank screen, I have to curb the tendency to talk all the time and let the students get on with the task (stop wittering Miss Hearle!). Judging the speed of the learning is also quite difficult when you don’t have your class in front of you so we also know that we need to slow down our delivery in some instances.

    In the next few weeks I am going to be undertaking some online student forums with different year groups to get some direct feedback from our young people. This will allow us to learn from their experiences and develop our teaching techniques.

    If you do get an ‘invite’ for one of these events please do attend, we really want to get your feedback to inform our development with delivering these lessons online. I will aim for them to happen during what would have been tutor time so you don’t miss any lessons.

    We have begun our Lockdown new hobbies page and I am very impressed with the baking delights being created by Mrs Humphrys. I have started the patchwork quilt. The stitching may be a bit uneven but I am pleased with the start of what I feel is going to be a long project!

    Please do send in photos of your achievements so that we can post them on the website page. You don’t have to be in the picture if you don’t wish to be but it would be lovely to share your creativity.

    Creativity is certainly happening in science at the moment with lots of ideas whizzing around from both students and colleagues about how to undertake science practicals.

    Here’s just a flavour of what has been going on:

    • Students carrying out active exercise investigations
    • Students using kitchen science to learn about osmosis and respiration
    • Teachers demonstrating the digestive system
    • Teachers making and sharing microscope slides live on camera

    Again, if you have any photos we can share on the website do send them in using the address.


    Year 11 – Revision Guides/Resources still in school

    We are aware that our Year 11 students have resources they require at home but are still in school and some may require new exercise books and revision guides, therefore we will be collating all the resources each student requires from each subject department over the course of this week and will be asking students to come into school to collect on Monday 1st February and Tuesday 2nd February.


    There will be two opportunities on each day to collect the items, between 10am and 11am and again between 1pm and 2pm.  Students should collect from Drama 2 in the Beacon Arts Centre. Please do not come into the school site beyond this building.


    If you require further information, please email julie.potter@staff,


    A Message from Mrs Clarke

    Year 9 Teenage Booster Vaccination and HPV if required

    • Please ensure all forms are returned by Friday 29th midday at the latest as per the Schoolcomms sent out 21/1/21.
    • Information will be shared in a Student Assembly Friday 29th 12:15pm on Microsoft Teams.

    Please only attend school on Thursday 4th or Friday 5th February during the booked time slot. Please follow all guidance previously sent out for the safety of you and all other users of the school site.

    Any issues please contact Mrs Clarke -


    Thank you to all of our support staff who are working tirelessly to ensure that we can continue to hold events such as these, as well as supporting our students in receiving the resources they need.

    Finally just a reminder that school ‘closes’ at midday on Thursday as a result of our Virtual Year 8 Options Information event and Progress Evening. There will be no Microsoft Teams lessons Period 4 and 5 that day.

    Perhaps this would be a perfect time to have a go at the recipe of the week provided by Mrs Golding, Eve’s Pudding [in the work at home folder] - don’t forget the custard!!

    With my best wishes to you and your family,

    Miss Hearle


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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 3 2021 ​​​​​​​

    Published 20/01/21

    20th January 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,

    I hope you are keeping well and safe as we head into the third week of the term. I appreciate that working at a screen all day is quite hard and it is most important that you try to use the breaks between each lesson to walk away from the screen and give your eyes a rest. Your teachers are also finding this as well so we are looking to see what we can do to give a little more down time from the screen without compromising your learning.


    Don’t forget that your PE teachers have put ideas for exercise in the working at home folder and this would be a very good use of the time on your timetable when you would be doing PE.  Try to get some fresh air every day even if it is just standing outside for a few minutes, although I appreciate that the weather makes this more difficult at the moment. Having battled my way through Couch to 5k last term I am trying to maintain a 5k run 3 times a week but just recently it might have been easier to do it in a canoe!

    Congratulations to those of you who have signed up to the Winter Reading Challenge and well done to Ethan for being the first to tell me. Please keep the ideas for a good place to read coming in. We will share your ideas in the coming weeks.

    Next week you will be receiving all the government information about the lateral flow testing that will take place once students return to onsite learning. I am afraid there is quite a lot of paperwork that we are required to share with you, along with a consent form. This is a voluntary process and no child will be prevented from returning to school if you do not wish to participate in this process. Thank you to my colleagues who are putting in many hours of additional work to get this up and running.

    The school is aware that there are now concerns about the testing in schools but we will send out the paperwork and ask you to return the consent form. This will allow us to start the testing immediately the students return if this is still required. If the testing is cancelled we will make sure that all consent forms are disposed of according to GDPR regulations.

    We will still require students to self-isolate if they have symptoms or are in close contact with someone who has symptoms and is waiting a test result.

    I have a number of communications to share with you, one of them year specific.

    A message from Miss McMahon

    On the 17th January, it was national World Religion Day. This was started by the Baha’i faith in 1950 and the sole focus was to bring religions together and work on restoring peace and harmony. The RE department decided to celebrate this and set a whole school RE challenge. Students were asked to complete an ‘A-Z of Religion’. This involved asking students to find different religious words, ideas/concepts for every letter of the alphabet. Students could and can still take part in virtual tours around different places of worship. A real chance to see how different religions and cultures can come together!

    A message from Mrs Lewis, Social Inclusion Officer

    We have also updated the Parent Support pages on the school website. It now gives a little information on each of the services available to you outside of school. A Schoolcomms will be going out shortly which has all the information and will direct you to the correct support network.

    Year 9 Teenage Booster Vaccines- 4th and 5th February

    Following information sent out last week by Mr Applin we are pleased to be able to continue to hold these important vaccinations (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio and Meningitis) for all students in Year 9. For further information and booking an immunisation slot please visit

    Please ensure you are following all of the guidance to ensure these immunisations can take place safely for everyone involved.

    The Scholar’s Programme is getting under way this week with twelve Year 8 students attending the live launch which will be streamed from Robinson College, Cambridge on Thursday. Students will be studying under a PhD tutor on the subject of the French Revolution. We are very excited to get started.
    Well done to Ruby in Year 7 who raised over £100 for refreshments for NHS staff. Victoria from the ‘Cup and  Saucer’ was so impressed that she had gifted Ruby and her family an afternoon tea as well as an apron and utensils for Ruby to continue with her recipes.

    This brings me to this week’s recipe which is for egg rolls, thank you Mrs Denman, and this can be found in the recipe folder of the work at home section on the school website.

    And finally, my new lockdown project. I am avoiding the saw, hammer, nails and paint for the current lockdown, much to everyone’s relief.

    So I have decided to make a patch work quilt for the bed using scraps of fabric and a helping hand from a fabric supplier (my first ever purchase from ebay!). I am going to hand sew each piece so this weekend I spent time cutting out templates in preparation for making the individual pieces. I like the fact that I can do this and still listen to the radio or music, or watch the television. My favourite piece of music at the moment is from a CD I received as a Christmas present. It is Vaughan Williams ‘Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis’ and I highly recommend it for a stress busting, soothing 15 minutes that will bring some calm and tranquillity to the day.

    If you have started a new project or a hobby as a result of lockdown do let me know. It would be lovely to have a lockdown positive page to share with everyone.

    With my best wishes to you and your family,

    Miss Hearle


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  • Consultation on the Awarding of GCSE grades this summer

    Published 19/01/21

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Please find below the information on the consultation process. The government and Ofqual are keen to hear from all stakeholders.

    Kind regards,

    Miss Hearle


    Consultation on how GCSE, AS and A level grades should be awarded in summer 2021

    On Friday, we launched a joint consultation with Ofqual on how GCSE, AS and A level grades should be awarded in summer 2021. The consultation closes at 11:45pm on Friday 29 January. We want to hear the views of students who were due to take their exams, their parents and carers, their teachers, school and college leaders and others who have an interest, including further and higher education providers, and employers.

    The Department for Education is putting our trust in teachers and their judgement to determine grades. Grades will be based on teacher assessment, with teachers supported in making decisions with guidance and training from exam boards to ensure these are awarded fairly and consistently.

    The consultation will consider the range of evidence teachers use to award a grade, which could include coursework, other forms of assessment and papers provided by exam boards, to support consistency and fairness across schools and colleges.

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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 2 2021 ​​​​​​​

    Published 13/01/21

    13th  January 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,

    I am so pleased that the online learning is going well and thank you for all the acknowledgment of the amount of work this involves for my colleagues.  My Year 11 class are being very patient with me as I get to grips with it all!

    As we will be continuing with online learning until at least half term we will maintain our commitment to you receiving teacher feedback for every 8 hours of on line learning. This may look very different from the work that is given as feedback in an exercise book. It may for example be feedback written as part of work completed on the assignments function of Microsoft teams or for some of our very tech savvy colleagues, the direct feedback they are recording within the remote learning lesson itself.

    Whatever method my colleagues choose to use please be assured that we will be monitoring both the attendance and the progress of our young people.

    Libraries in Hampshire

    I am very conscious that you will not have direct access to resources from the school library at present and we want to encourage you to continue to read as much as possible.

    There are two initiatives through the Hampshire Library service that I want to draw your attention to.  All of this information can be accessed by going onto the Hampshire County Website and searching under ‘Libraries and archive’.

    1. ‘Although all Hampshire Libraries are closed for browsing, customers can borrow and reserve physical items at public libraries by using the Ready Reads service or reserving online.’
    1.  An opportunity to take part in the Hampshire Library Services Winter Reading Challenge. I have included details below:

    Take part in the Winter Reading Challenge

    Sign-up online and read or listen to any four books by Saturday 27 February. This can include books you read or listen to together, bedtime stories, non-fiction books, ebooks and audiobooks.

    Sign up to the Winter Reading Challenge
    Every time you finish reading a book, fill in your personal Winter Reading Challenge reading record. Tell us how many books you’ve read, what the books are called and who they are by. If you want, you can let us know how much you like them too.
    You’ll automatically be sent a completer’s certificate when you’ve reached a total of four books in your Winter Reading Challenge reading record. We’ll send you emails along the way, every time you add a new book to your record.

    Your Winter Reading Challenge reading record 

    You’ll find thousands of children’s ebooks and audiobooks free to download using our BorrowBox service with lots of titles always available without a wait. You’ll find links to some of our recommendations on this webpage and information about downloading ebooks and audiobooks.
    You can also use our new Ready Reads: We Select You Collect service to borrow books. Library staff will regularly handpick a selection of books for you to collect from the entrance of your local library. You can choose how often and how many books you’d like.

    If you’re not already a member of Hampshire Libraries, you can join to take part. There’s a special video to show you how to join.

    This year’s Winter Reading Challenge is all about getting cosy together to share the love of reading.’

    Reading is such an important way of extending our knowledge and the range of the vocabulary we can use in our written communication.  My favourite place to read is curled up in a chair as it gets dark with just a single light on and a steaming mug of hot chocolate by my side [with added marshmallows of course!].  Do you have a favourite place to read? Let me know and we can share your thoughts on this through our newsletter.

    Let me know if you get involved in the challenge, I hope to be giving out a number of Headteacher awards.   Whilst we are on the subject of Headteacher awards, the first one of the year is about to go out to Bronwynn for her amazing video production of a science experiment. Well done!

    I have asked your teachers to nominate students who go that extra mile for their work and I expect to be loading down the postal service with postcards in the next few weeks!

    We have also reinstated our recipe of the week - thank you Mrs Golding. This appears in the Beaufort Online Working From Home area on our school website under\Recipes\2021. This week’s recipe is for rocky road treats! [hmm, might add that in to the items required for my daily reading!].

    I think I have decided on my lockdown project too, more on the highs and lows of this next week.

    Your teachers and support staff miss you being in school but we all know that this lockdown is the right thing to do. Take care and keeeeeeeeeeeeep learning!

    With my best wishes

    Miss Hearle


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  • Update - 5th January 2021

    Published 05/01/21

    Dear Parents,

    The school is processing the information announced last night by the Prime Minister.  We will publish more information to you as soon as we can. In the meantime the most important action that our young people can take is to engage fully with the online learning programme.

    Thank you for your support and understanding at this complex time for us all.

    Kind regards

    Miss Hearle

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  • The Hampshire Library’s audiobook/digital service

    Published 14/01/21

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Further to the information on accessing library books, I am very grateful  to Ms Gregory for sharing the following information with us.

    It is also worth mentioning the library services free audiobook/ebook service which can be accessed from a mobile phone and the books downloaded onto phones or tablets instantly. 

    It is really well organised and you can browse by genre, search by title or author, and then listen as you walk/run/rest. They have a teen section and pretty much all the classics.

    I wanted to mention it as teens might find it easier to download onto their smartphones and it is definitely free. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Kind regards,

    Miss Hearle

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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 1 2021

    Published 06/01/21

    6th  January 2021


    Dear Parents,

    Thank you for all the lovely positive messages you have sent in to school. It means a great deal to us all and is such a boost for all of my colleagues.

    We are in a much stronger position than in March with our ability to provide online lessons for our young people. I appreciate there have been a few technical hitches in the first few days but hopefully these have been resolved. Do let us know if there are any issues moving forward. We have sent out some additional information to students about appropriate use of the online learning facility. Sadly just a few students have decided to be silly or inappropriate. We are disappointed that a few are trying to spoil it for the majority.  

    We will maintain our online lesson approach  for all years as much as we can. There may be some lessons where we direct students to work using resources in the student area. Staff will be on rota system to provide cover in keyworker rooms for children who are on site during the lockdown, as well as the necessity to attend meetings established by the Local Authority or the DfE. As a result, there will be occasions when they are unable to conduct an online lesson. Students will be informed if this is the case for any of their lessons.

    More information about calendared online events such as options evening and progress evening will be sent out to individual year groups as appropriate.

    In terms of national issues, such as the assessment of GCSE’s this summer and the impact on the ‘leaving date’ for Year 11, it is most likely you will hear this information at the same time as the school. Please give us a few days to digest any information we receive before we communicate with you directly.

    Please find attached information that has been sent to us from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight crisis line who are available for support if required.

    My priority is to keep our community together as best we can. This will be through published activities for our young people and a weekly letter from the school keeping you informed with government updates as well as what is happening in school.

    I will need a new project to share with you now the skirting board is complete! [reference Lockdown 1 newsletters].

    Most importantly of all we are here for you. Whilst we may be approaching nearly a year of virtual events and phone calls and emails, rather than face to face contact, our success as a school community is founded on our ability to stick together and work as a team. It is a strength of our school. My colleagues and I thank you for your continuing support.

    Kind regards,

    Miss Hearle


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