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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 3 Autumn Term 2021

    Published 15/12/21

    15th December 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,

    Despite the turbulence of the last two weeks we have been able to share with you a wide range of activities, sporting events and extra-curricular opportunities that have taken place this term both through the newsletter and on our website page.

    I have included in this newsletter some of the more recent events that our young people have taken part in.

    Thank you to all of you who were able to donate for our food bank collection last Friday as part of our festive themed non-uniform day. It was lovely to see so many festive outfits in school. I am sorry that we didn’t quite make it to our Christmas performance. Thank you to all of our students who were planning and rehearsing for this event.

    Thank you too to Hillier’s in Winchester for donating the lovely Christmas tree in reception. It has kept us all going the last few weeks!

    Thank you too to all of our students who were required to have a PCR test at school. The Mobile Unit team were very complimentary about your exemplary behaviour. We were described as one of the best schools they have been to in terms of our students and the organisation of the two-day visit.

    On occasions such as this the information we send outcomes directly from the UK Health Security Agency and I am aware that some of it has been contradictory; frustrating for you as well as for us.

    We hope to be able to return to school as normal on the 4th of January 2022.

    A new year is always an opportunity for a fresh start and one in which we will be focusing on smart, appropriate uniform and a focus on punctuality! This will be shared with students in Whole School Assembly on Friday and with you through a school communication.

    Consistent standards and expectations will be the focus for the new term. If there are reasons why you would not be able to purchase uniform please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.

    I have been delighted to see 52 students over the course of this term to award a Headteacher Special recognition award, including 3 gold awards. Well done to everyone who received this award and I look forward to handing out many more next term.

    We have some exciting news in team English, Miss Brown’s first novel (which she wrote whilst she was undertaking her teacher training and studying for her Master’s degree!) has won an award:


    ‘H Brown has won the 2021 Little, Brown UEA Crime Fiction Award for her historical suspense novel My Name Is Emma

    Each year editors at Sphere choose the best novel by a graduating student.

    My Name Is Emma follows the arrival of the eponymous servant into the home of widowed mother Mrs Jackson, building up to a terrible crime based on a true story. 

    Chair of judges, Sphere publishing director Ed Wood, said: “My Name is Emma is a wholly coherent first step into the world of historical mystery writing, a tale that slowly reveals its secrets as it moves towards a genuinely shocking conclusion. H Brown has a confident, effortless voice that gripped us from the first page’.

    How proud are we to have a published author in our team!



    I am a part of an Eco choir that were invited to perform in the green zone at COP26 and some of us were even invited to the blue zone (area for significant people) which was such an honour and an unbelievable opportunity.

    • What was it like being at COP26?

    I loved every second of it! There was so much to do and so much to explore. I wasn’t worried about performing because everybody at the conference cared about the same thing: Climate change.

    • What is the message COP26 is trying to bring across?

    COP26 is trying to tell people that its not to late yet, if we start right now and work together we can do it. The outcome of the conference or parties wasn’t what we hoped for but I’m still optimistic!

    • If you could say one thing to get people to do something about climate change, what would it be?

    Personally I would say, listen to the science, it’s not lying and if you want to turn this around, I would pay attention to the scientists.

    Cullayn Year 8


    Eco News

    The second batch of over 400 trees has arrived from The Woodland Trust and are heeled in ready for planting.

    I was delighted to be invited to The Environment Club last week to watch a presentation on the ideas and projects that the members of the club would like to undertake at HB.

    I was very impressed with the professionalism of the presentation and the thoughtful and thought-provoking ideas that were presented.

    I will be taking forward these ideas to colleagues in school and the Governing Body. Many of these ideas were both practical and possible with a little logistical planning and some consultation work with the whole school community.


    The Brilliant Club

    The Scholars’ Programme is in full swing now with weekly seminars taking place for twelve ambitious Year 8 students. In the seminars, which are led by English Literature PhD tutor, Dr Lian, we have been discussing how literary texts can be viewed through different lenses, ranging from ecocriticism, to feminism, to post-colonialism. We have discussed texts ranging from Noughts and Crosses to Robinson Crusoe. It has been amazing to see these students explore ideas beyond the curriculum and come up with fascinating new perspectives. They have really risen to the challenge and done our school proud. Next up: a final, 1,500 word, university-level assignment. We hope to visit a University campus in the Spring term to see what University life is like, and graduate from the programme in a well-deserved celebration event.


    Well done and good luck for this year’s programme to: Jenna, Alfie, Nikisha, Joseph, Kyrese, Matthew, Emily, Bernard, Julia, Thomas, Evie-Rose and Douglas.

    Mrs Naylor- Teece


    Partnership working with Southampton Football Club

    We were fortunate enough to have two under 18 players from Southampton football club attend a Teams meeting with a number of our students who play for our school football teams.  We had arranged for them to come into school for a Q and A session, but sadly due to COVID this could not happen. The students were able to discuss issues surrounding race, discrimination, mental health and respect with the players, who in turn explained the importance of learning and studying hard to enable them to have more choices if their careers took a different path. The players also talked about the importance of learning to be respectful in life and how to deal with life’s pitfalls and how you overcome them.

    Mrs Lewis


    It’s Panto Season!

    Year 9 GCSE Drama students returned to school in September to begin their new 3 year GCSE Drama journey together. Their first project – Pantomime! Year 9 Drama students were challenged with creating a brand new pantomime style story aimed for a target audience of primary school aged children. Characters, storylines, audience interaction, riddles and rhymes were created and scripted from scratch by the students. This Year 9 class devised a pantomime called ‘Friendship Reigns’. The story explores the stock pantomime characters, but the moral focuses very much on how we increasingly must value each for what we bring to the world rather than the place we are born into. The best and most trusted friend is eventually crowned as the one who should lead the community.

    Until only a week or so ago performances were set to go ahead in the Drama studio for our primary visitors. Pandemic restrictions meant that these performances could no longer happen live and so to ensure we could continue, we took the decision to move the performances via Microsoft Teams. Our primary schools have helped us make this adjustments with such positivity and encouragement. The students have been superb, not only in their ability to adjust performance aspects to work online, but also in the face of the pandemic challenges and restrictions, and have made every effort to be their very best, including standing in last minute for students who faced unavoidable absence.

    The Year 9 Drama students are brave, creative and in the face of adversity have been quite frankly - invincible! Well done Year 9!

    Mrs Miles


    Year 7 Letter Exchange with France

    This year, we have partnered up again with France to exchange cards, letters and selfie sheets! Year Seven have been writing to two sixième (6eme) classes at Collège Pierre Mendes, near Angoulême, France. Their website is  

    Christmas cards are not a huge tradition in France, but cards (Les cartes de voeux) are more commonly exchanged in January. Therefore, our friends in France have created their own beautiful letters and cards to exchange with our students. We are so excited to be writing to our penpals again at Easter.

    Mrs Hallett



    Dates for the Student Handbook!

    Our whole school production is booked for October 2022.

    The Henry Beaufort School Musical Production Audition dates are:

    Wednesday 19th January 14:45-15:45 Year 7 and 8

    Thursday 20th January 14:45-15:45 Year 9 and 10

    Thank you for all of your support over the term. Our students and my colleagues have worked so hard to make sure that this term has been successful for everyone in our school community.

    Thank you too to Mrs Golding for providing a holiday treat for us to bake! Please see the recipe uploaded below.

    We return to school on Tuesday the 4th of January 2022.

    I do hope that the Festive season is a kind and happy time for us all.


    With my best wishes to you and your families,

    Miss Hearle


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  • Winchester Basics Bank Donations

    Published 10/12/21

    A ‘HUGE’ thank you to students and parents for their generosity in supporting Winchester Basics Bank by bringing in their donations in exchange for wearing Christmas Jumpers today!

    If you would like further information on Winchester Basics Bank or are need of their assistance please click on the link below:

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  • Hello from Henry B!

    Published 24/05/21

    24th May 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,

    A whole half term back in school - how wonderful it has been to have all of our young people on the school site for this first half of the summer term.

    We are maintaining a cautious approach to the lifting of restrictions to ensure that the school continues to move forward but I am so pleased that we have been able to reintroduce year group PE activities after school.

    After half term, in the week beginning the 14th June, Year 10 Clinics and Home Learning Club for Years 7, 8 and 9 will start. A Schoolcomms will be sent out to all parents to explain the details. Year group bubbles will be maintained.

    Despite the restrictions on activities and events over the last few months we have followed Covid guidelines to provide the following.


    Year 8 Students are Brilliant!

    Twelve lucky Year 8 students embarked on the Scholars Programme, delivered by The Brilliant Club, a charity which aims to widen access for outstanding students in non-selective state schools to the United Kingdom’s most selective universities.

    The students underwent a rigorous process in the spring term, attending multiple university-style tutorials led by PhD tutors. The tutorials and learning were based around the French Revolution and were all at a very high level. All twelve students produced a final assessment which was a 1500 word essay and we are thrilled that they all passed with the following grades:

    2 x firsts, 2 x 2:1, 4 x 2:2 and 2 x thirds, which has been a wonderful achievement for all of our students.

    Mrs Naylor-Teece, Science Teacher and in school coordinator of this programme said:

    “It has been a real pleasure to watch these young people rise to the challenge of the Scholars’ Programme. I have been overwhelmed by their dedication and resilience in tackling such a difficult topic – even throughout lockdown. They have done us and themselves proud!”

    All of our students enjoyed the unique experience, summed up by one of our students who wrote:

    ‘I think the best part of the Scholars programme was taking part in the tutorials in general and learning about something I knew nothing of previously. At first, I found the course hard to understand since there was so much to know and I wasn’t used to university style work, but after a while of taking part in tutorials I overcame the challenge and the information seemed easier to understand instead. I truly had an incredible time and thank you for letting me take part.’

    Having read all of the essays I am in awe of the work that our young people in Year 8 have produced. It is a delight to see them explore the complexities of the factors impacting on the French revolution, demonstrating their in-depth thinking and ability to articulate a response to university standards. I am very proud of them all.


    Whole School Student Council

    A big thank you to all the students in Years7, 8 and 9 who have applied for the Whole School Student Council. We have had over 50 applications from students all of whom are enthusiastic about making a positive impact to the wider Henry Beaufort School community.

    Students had the opportunity to express an interest in a particular satellite group that they were passionate about. The ‘Satellite Groups’ are:

    • School Life
    • Equality
    • Sustainability
    • Curriculum
    • Cultural Capital

    The first meeting of each group will take place the first week back after half term during tutor time so that the students can begin making plans about the impact they can have. We will keep you regularly updated on their progress.

    Miss Coleborn


    News from the Science team

    Two Year 8 classes have taken part in the EACH-B randomised research trial for Lifelab (based at Southampton General Hospital) and Southampton University. Students have filled out online questionnaires and worn an activity tracker for a week. It involves 50 schools, over 2000 students and repeat data will be collected in a year’s time to feed into the study.  A detailed article will be submitted to the local paper as well as being put on line through our own social media sites.


    News for the Maths team

    Our Years 7 and 8 year groups have been participating in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. This has given students an opportunity to take part in a national competition designed to really test students’ mathematical understanding by posing tricky questions to think in a different way than normal.

    This is wonderful opportunity for them to develop their mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques by solving these interesting problems.

    We are hoping for some of our students to qualify for the follow up rounds! Finger Crossed!

    Some of our students were able to watch and participate in a maths inspiration show all about structural engineering. This was especially encouraging for our female mathematicians hearing from a very successful female engineer.

    Fun maths fact: “Eleven plus two” is an anagram of “twelve plus one” which is pretty fitting as the answer to both equations is 13.


    We said farewell to on site working for our Year 11 students last Friday with our traditional celebration of the last 5 years of school. An assembly (which started with a walk around the school so that all other year groups could show their appreciation to the Year 11 students) was followed by shirt signing, goodie bags for all and ice cream!

    Year 11 made a significant contribution to the assembly with a range of musical interludes as follows:

    Musical Interlude 1

    1. Clarinet Duet: ‘Allegro’ by C.A.Goepfer, performed by Abigail and Mrs Seddon
    2. Vocal Solo: ‘Lost Without You’ performed by Eve  
    3. Jazz Ensemble:  ‘Love is Beautiful Thing’ by Vulfpeck performed by Charlotte  and Jake
    4. Vocal Duet: ‘Don’t You Remember’ by Adele, arranged and performed by Rosie and Linea

    A beautiful piece of music written and performed by Rosie Wilson entitled ‘What do I do’ was played over the photo slideshow of the students when they were in Year 7 - to an equal mixture of delight and horror!

    At the assembly we acknowledged the hard work and resilience that Year 11 had shown throughout these difficult two years interrupted by lockdowns and restrictions.

    Referring to their ‘stickability’ which has been demonstrated time and time again throughout the pandemic we recognised that whilst our students last two years may have been shaped by the pandemic it has not, or ever will, define them.

    As we approach the final half term of the year a reminder that we have a school closure for an INSET day on the 25th of June when we will be starting our preparations for the academic year 2021/22 - our 50th Anniversary year!

    Our last day of term on Friday the 23rd of July is a half day; students departing at midday.

    Thank you to Mrs Denman for providing a delicious cake recipe below for a spot of baking over the half term break.

    With my best wishes for the Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend,

    Miss Hearle



    Chocolate loaf cake:


    125g plain flour
    125 caster sugar
    100soft light brown sugar
    50g cocoa powered
    1stb bicarbonate of soda
    60 butter, plus extra for greasing
    125g yogurt
    1 egg
    150ml water

    1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees/ 160 fan/ gas 4, then grease the loaf tin and line with baking parchment.
    2. Combine the flour, sugars, cocoa powder and bicarbonate in a large bowl.
    3. Melt the butter. Whisk the yogurt, egg and water with the melted butter.
    4. Combine the wet and dry ingredients together until a smooth batter has formed. The mixture will be very runny- this is okay.
    5. Place in the loaf tin and bake for 35-40 minutes. Insert a skewer or knife to check it has cooked.
    6. Let it cool then enjoy.
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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 9 2021

    Published 29/03/21

    29th March 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,

    As the last week of term comes into sight I am reflecting on what has been another unusual term for the school. It has been so good to get back to teaching on the school site for all of our young people. They have as always been magnificent and appreciated that being back also comes with the challenges of Covid rules and regulations. The challenges were certainly put to the test last week when we did have to respond to a positive Lateral Flow test but again I want to commend our young people for the way in which they approached this situation.

    The team of staff at our testing station have asked me to pass onto you that it was a pleasure to be working with our students over the last 3 weeks. ‘Polite, cooperative, calm and good humoured‘ were just some of the compliments that were passed back to me.

    Thank you to our team of staff to for making this experience so straightforward for the students and the school. The schedule (thank you Mr Applin!) meant that there was minimal disruption to learning. A particular thanks must go to the two team leaders Mrs Williams and Mrs Goodwill. It has taken a great deal of work to organise, train and undertake the tests and I am very grateful to them and the team as a whole.

    I do appreciate that the self-isolation rule is frustrating for parents and puts additional pressure on parents when students are required to self-isolate. I have included below new information from the DfE that may be of support to you if you are in this situation.

    Changes to the Test and Trace support payment for parents

    Parents and carers of children who have been advised to self-isolate by their education setting or by NHS Test and Trace are now able to apply for a Test and Trace Support Payment or discretionary payment of £500, if they meet the eligibility criteria. The extension of the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme, which is administered by district and unitary local authorities in England, ensures that parents receive the financial support they need if they are unable to attend work due to childcare responsibilities.

    Parents and carers should apply to their local authority to receive a payment. Applications for the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme

    are made via the local authority in which the parent or carer resides, not the local authority where the setting is situated, if these are different.

    To be eligible applicants must meet all of the criteria that:

    • they are the parent or guardian of a child or young person in the same household and need to take time off work to care for them while they self-isolate. This is limited to one parent or guardian per household for the child or young person’s self-isolation period
    • they are employed or self-employed
    • they cannot work from home while undertaking caring responsibilities and will lose income as a result
    • they meet all the other means-tested eligibility criteria for a Test and Trace Support Payment or locally determined criteria for a discretionary payment.

    That their child or young person:

    • is aged 15 or under (or 25 or under with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC)) and normally attends an education or childcare setting
    • has been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace or by their education or childcare setting because they have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Nurseries, schools, colleges and further education providers are required to provide a letter to all parents or carers of the children advised to self-isolate, to support their application to the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme. The letter must detail the child’s name and date of self-isolation. Parents or carers will then be able to provide this letter to their local authority as evidence that their child is required to self-isolate. Please contact the school using the admin email address if you require this letter.

    Once an application for a payment has been received, the local authority will be in touch with your setting to verify the details of the child provided on the application. This will include a check of the child’s name, age, address and days of self-isolation. This check is to minimise the event of fraudulent claims. It may be conducted before or after a payment is made, depending on the arrangements the individual local authority has chosen to put in place. The letter you give to parents and carers should explain to them that their local authority will conduct a check with their child’s setting if they apply for a payment.


    Pi Cake Baking Competition

    Many congratulations to the winner of our Students ‘Pi Cake Baking Competition’ who is

    David in Year 7 and we have included a picture of his winning entry.


    Congratulations also goes to Mrs Denman, winner of the staff Pi Cake baking competition.

    I was also delighted to hear about the amazing feat of Danica in Year 9 who, with her sister took part in a virtual Toughmudder Equinox. This comprised of doing a 5 mile circuit, and when arriving back at home they then had further challenges to complete. Danica completed 25 miles and 5 challenges and together with her sister they have raised over £900.

    They did this to raise money for (Halton) in Liverpool which is the local charity supported by Loop Radio where dad is a DJ.

    This is an extraordinary accomplishment and a well-deserved Headteacher Gold Award badge has been presented to Danica.

    A message from Miss Brown- English Department

    Congratulations go to students at The Henry Beaufort School, who entered their 100 word short stories into a nationwide competition and have been published in an anthology, called “Trapped: Thrilling Tales”. The competition encouraged them to think outside the box around the theme of ‘trapped’ and we had a great variety of creative ideas exploring this

    idea. We would like to say a huge congratulations to these talented young writers! A copy of the anthology will be available in the library.

    The Summer Term

    I sincerely hope that we will be able to move back to vertical tutor groups before the end of the summer term but, as we have been for the past year, we are dependent on what the guidance will be once we reach the magical date when lockdown restrictions are lifted. Having spoken to both colleagues and our young people, this is a move that they are really looking forward to achieving. We are aware that this will feel very different for students in Year 7 so we will ensure that we prepare them for this move with a few taster opportunities before September if we are allowed to do so. I know that many of our students in other years really look forward to being able to support and work with Year 7 in tutor time. We will retain a year group tutor time on the Friday of each week.

    As the country is data dependent on the lifting of restrictions we are still uncertain as to what we can do or offer for our traditional enrichment week activities in July. We are looking at a number of possibilities but as yet there are no guarantees. We anticipate more guidance from the government after the Easter break. There will be no overseas residential trips this year.

    Sports club will start up after Easter operating in Year group bubbles and late buses will run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening so that students can attend these sporting opportunities. Miss Colebourn will send more information in a Schoolcomm this week.

    The Whole School Student council will be launched after Easter to Years 7, 8 and 9. The Whole School Student Council (WSSC) plays an important role in making sure that students views and ideas are expressed, and plays a crucial role in contributing to important decisions that impact on the whole school. The WSSC represents the student body and as a school we take pride in listening and taking on board the ideas and views of the students so that a positive impact is made. Miss Colebourn is looking forward to launching this with students during tutor time when we return after Easter.

    Once again can I thank you for your support of the school and my colleagues during this term. It has been a complex and difficult time for all us who are a part of The Henry Beaufort Community.

    As Year 11 approach their final term with us I want to take the opportunity to commend them as a year group. Their year has involved so many twists and turns as a result of ever-changing government guidance; from September when we were informed it was to be full GCSE’s, then a move to a later date for exams in June and July, then to cancelling them completely and finally to a late exam board decision to put in place assessments to inform Teacher Assessed Grades. Add to this three changes to the GCSE results date this coming summer.

    They have shown remarkable resilience and we all wish that they had not been put in this position. I am so proud of the way they have dealt with every turn in their final year story.

    We have the 12th of April in our sights and for me a longed for haircut!

    With my best wishes to you and your families,

    Miss Hearle



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  • Testing Kits for Households ​​​​​​​

    Published 05/03/21

    5th March 2021

    Dear Parents,

    We have received communication, as part of the daily information from the DfE to schools, which I hope will clarify the situation around testing kits for households.

    These will not be distributed by schools. Schools are only being provided with enough to test students and staff.

    We have been asked to pass on the following information to you.

    Kind regards,

    Miss Hearle



    Asymptomatic testing information for parents and adults in households with children at school or college

    Please share the information below with your parent networks to help answer any questions they may have.

    Undertaking regular, rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) testing helps reduce transmission of the virus. Parents and other adults in households with children at school or college, who do not have symptoms, can now access regular, rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) testing. This includes childcare and support bubbles.

    Tests are fast, easy and completely free. There are different ways for a household, childcare or support bubble to collect their test to take at home, twice-weekly:

    · through your employer, if they offer testing to employees

    · by collecting a home test kit from a local test site – anyone aged 18 or over can collect 2 packs of 7 tests

    · by ordering a home test kit online – please do not order online if you can access testing through other routes, this frees up home delivery for those who need it most

    If you have any queries about the tests, and you live in England, please call 119 (free from mobiles and landlines). Lines are open every day from 7am to 11pm.

    Testing is voluntary, but strongly recommended to all who are eligible. Alongside the vaccine, washing hands, wearing face coverings, and maintaining social distancing, rapid testing plays a vital role in reducing transmission rates. Getting into the habit of regular testing as part of our everyday lives will help us all to play our part and do what we can to protect each other.

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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 8 2021 ​​​​​​​

    Published 03/03/21

    3rd March 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,

    You should by now have received the communication from school regarding return to on site learning. We are really looking forward to the return of all of our students to on site learning, despite the continuing restrictions that we will need to follow. The students who have been on site throughout the lockdown are to be congratulated for the way in which they have approached being in school, in full uniform for these 8 weeks. I am sure they will also be pleased to see all of their friends although perhaps not so much the return to a longer queue for the Bistro!


    They are of course well used to the routine of preparing for the school day and setting the alarm clock. It may be a bit more difficult for those of you who have not been in for the last 8 weeks. It is unlike the last time we were in this position, when you came back at the start of a term, which meant you had time to prepare for the fresh start of a new year. I would strongly recommend that you do some preparation now. Check the alarm clock works and maybe test it out on Thursday and Friday morning. Check your uniform and school bag and have everything ready by the weekend so that Monday is not a scramble to get yourself ready and out of the door! Remember those water bottles too!


    In the next few days we will be sending out welcome letters to the families who will be joining us in September 2021 as part of our new Year 7 intake. The Henry Beaufort School was a very popular choice again this year and we have a waiting list for places.


    I have seen some wonderful photos of hobbies that you have taken up over the last 9 weeks and Mr Jane’s is busy putting together a montage of these photos to share on the screen in reception. It is not too late to send in a photo!


    A message from Mrs Chalke

    Here is a reminder that on Sunday March 14th (3.14) it is International Pi Day.  Each year the Moscow department celebrate by having fun, in-class activities involving Pi as well as holding a cake baking competition.


    This year we have had to slightly modify what we are doing.  Instead of a student cake baking competition where they bring their cakes into school, we will be holding a ‘Virtual Pi Cake Baking Competition’ where they submit their photos via email.  The deadline for entry is by Friday 12th March. You can send photos of your entry to:


    Please find attached all details.


    A message from Miss Bean

    I am really pleased to announce that we have sponsored a commemorative plaque in remembrance of Private John Bennett of the Hampshire Regiment. Like many soldiers John Bennett suffered from shell shock, but as it wasn’t a recognised illness he was one of 306 British soldiers shot at dawn for cowardice. Whilst on the WW1 Battlefields trip students learn about John Bennett and are read extracts from his trial as we visit the cells in Poperinge where he spent his last night.


    He was officially pardoned by the Queen in 2006 and we have chosen to commemorate him by sponsoring a plaque at the Lochnagar Crater, which students visit on the WW1 Battlefields trip.


    3/4071 Pte


    1st Bn Hampshire Regiment

    1897 – 1916

    The Henry Beaufort School

    Lochnagar Crater


    Message from Mrs Ireland


    World Book Day – Thursday 4th March 2021


    As you know we are sadly unable to celebrate World Book Day in school this year but we aren’t going to let that stop us. From Thursday there will be a variety of competitions and activities that all students will be able to access and complete, including ‘Guess the Quote’ and ‘Redesign a Book Cover’. All competitions will be open until Friday 12th March and there will be prizes up for grabs for the winners. I will also post links to some brilliant workshops, videos and activities that are on offer online so that everyone can enjoy World Book Day at home. I will be sending an email to all students with all the details on how to access all of our World Book Day resources so keep an eye on your inbox! This year the World Book Day £1 token will also be digital, each student will be sent this by email along with information on how to redeem the tokens. Happy reading everyone – I look forward to welcoming you back to our library very soon!


    Our final lockdown recipe sees us preparing for Easter with Easter crispy cakes. Thank you Mrs Golding.


    I hope that you have found these newsletters useful. We will send out one more before the end of term and then we are going to trial a short newsletter every two to three weeks in the summer term so that we can send out information that is up to date and relevant.  We feel that this would be a good way to stay in touch with you all. We will be asking you for feedback on this initiative later in the summer term.


    As my last newsletter during lockdown learning (and I really hope it is the last in a lockdown) I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the kind thoughts and messages of support you have sent into us over the last couple of months.


    You have all been amazing.


    Thank you to our young people for the commitment you have made to your studies and to parents for supporting us with their learning at home.


    Enjoy the peace and quiet at home on Monday. We strangely, are looking forward to breaking the silence!!


    With my best wishes to you and your families,


    Miss Hearle












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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 7 2021

    Published 24/02/21

    24th February 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,


    We have date for a whole school return and I am so happy that we can now work towards getting our young people back on to the school site.


     Following on from the announcement yesterday about return to on site learning, we are now looking at how this will take place for our school. Lateral flow testing for students for whom we have consent is now required to take place 3 times across the remainder of this term.  As you can appreciate a school of our size would require 5 working days to successfully complete all the first round of testing.


    We do not want our students to be out of school any longer than necessary. We have taken the decision that all students will return to the school site on Monday the 8th of March. We have successfully kept our students in year group bubbles during the Autumn term and we know that they are really good at following the guidance.


    Testing will then take place over the course of the week in year group bubbles for those students in each year group for whom we have consent to take the test. This will then be repeated for the following two weeks of the term.


    After this we have been directed to issue home test kits so that testing can continue at home. This is a new instruction and we are currently working our way through the guidance that has accompanied this. The school will send out information about the home testing nearer the time. This is also a voluntary process.

    At present we want to make sure that we concentrate on establishing an efficient and reassuring process for the on-site testing. Our keyworker students currently in school had their first test on Monday.


    The feedback from the test team was very complimentary:

    ‘All of the children were amazing. There was no fuss or bother even if they were a bit uneasy about taking the test. They were so polite, showed great sense of humour and just got on with it. Very impressive.

    The team is very confident about continuing the testing when the rest of the students start to return.’


    Please do not send your child into school if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been identified as a close contact. This will require the mandatory 10 days of self-isolation. Students will be able to remote in to their lessons in the same way as they do now for on line learning.


    If your child is in this position please contact the school as soon as possible to let us know using the  email address. Please let us know the outcome of any test.

    When students return to the school site on the 8th of March they will spend Period 1 in tutor time. This will be used to go through our stringent hygiene measures which will be the same as they were in the Autumn term. The one way system will remain in place. The Bistro will be open for lunchtime only with the same staggered access in year group bubbles as there was in the Autumn term.


    The significant difference will be the introduction of face masks in lessons as recommended by the government:

    ‘In addition to the system of controls, where pupils in year 7 and above are educated, we recommend that face coverings should be worn by staff and pupils where social distancing cannot easily be maintained when moving around the premises outside of classrooms or teaching spaces, such as in corridors and communal areas. In the same settings for a limited period, we recommend the use of face coverings in classrooms and other teaching spaces, unless wearing a face covering would impact on the ability to take part in exercise or strenuous activity, for example in PE lessons, or for those who are exempt from wearing a face covering as set out in Government guidance.’


    We will publish full details of the return to the school site at the start of next week. Students will continue with online learning until they return to the school site. I have attached information from the Hampshire LA on returning to school which might be helpful to you as a family. Thank you to Mrs Lewis for passing this on.


    We will restart Year 11 clinics from the 8th of March. Late buses will be available for Year 11 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


    We will review the summer programme of after school activities later this term and in line with government advice and data.


    Well, I think that’s enough information for one newsletter, let’s turn our attention to other things.


    So, how did those projects/new hobbies go during half term? I am pleased to say that the patchwork quilt has got bigger and I am now waiting on a delivery of more material squares.


    Please do let us know what you have been doing and pictures of any completed projects would be particularly well received. I look forward to sending out many more postcards!


    This week’s recipe is for cottage pie, thank you Mrs Denman! You will find the full recipe in the work at home area of the Website under ‘recipes’.


    A message from Miss McNamara


    Turn your trash into treasure by creating Ecobricks! Save, clean and dry your single-use plastic and stuff a squash bottle (1 litre/1.5 litre) with your plastics. When you're finished packing, you will have a brick-like building tool, which we will be able to use at HB to build either a garden bed, footpath, or seating area. 

    Top Tips:

    1. Cut your plastic into small pieces to make it easier to stuff the bottles
    2. Bottles (1litre or 1.5 litre) need to be packed down very tight- when they're filled, they need to be very dense
    3. Make sure your plastics are clean and dry
    4. NO biodegradables 

    Things that can go inside your bottle:

    • plastic bags
    • plastic wrap (food coverings)
    • crisp packets
    • sweet wrappers
    • cling film

    Please email Miss McNamara should you have any further questions.’


    Congratulations to students in Year 9 who have helped to plant 500 trees, donated by the Woodland Trust in the school grounds. A magnificent effort!


    I do hope you are as excited about the return to school as we are. We know that you will be looking forward to catching up with your friends so to support you with this there will be a 30 minute first break on the first day back so that you can spend a little bit of extra time with your friends. Thank you to the students who suggested this to us.


    I just hope it doesn’t rain! Come prepared!!


    With my best wishes to you and your family, we are nearly there now.


    Miss S Hearle


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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 6 2021 ​​​​​​​

    Published 10/02/21

    10th February 2021


    Dear Parent and Students,

    With just a few days before we reach half term, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work over the last 6 weeks, whether you are a student completing all your work or a parent making sure that the work is being completed! You have all been amazing! Thank you too to your wonderful teachers and our support colleagues who have made all of this possible. A particular thank you to Mr Silsby and Mr Cheshire, our IT Network team, who have worked tirelessly to make sure you can access your lessons.


    Enjoy a break from the screen next week but do keep sending in those photos of your new hobbies!


    Year 11 have started the challenge of mocks online, pioneering this new Covid-19 approach. We will makes allowances for any technical disruptions that may occur during the mock period along with an understanding that typing a response will be more complex. We know you will try as hard as you can and that is all we ask of you.


    So let’s look at some of the positive activities coming up in the next few weeks.


    A Message from the Maths team


    Sunday March the 14th (3.14) it is International Pi Day. Each year the Moscow department celebrate by having fun, in-class activities involving Pi as well as holding a cake baking competition.


    This year we have had to slightly modify what we are doing. Instead of a student cake baking competition where they bring their cakes into school, we will be holding a ‘Virtual Pi Cake Baking Competition’ where students will submit photos via email. Please find attached all the details.


    All year groups will also have the opportunity to show their amazing memorising skills when we hold our annual ‘recite the digits of Pi’ competition. The Henry Beaufort record currently stands at: 146 digits (Illana, 2020), let’s see if it can be beaten this year!


    Finally, here are some interesting, fun facts about Pi:

    1. Pi is all encompassing.
    2. Pi is ancient
    3. Computers have been able to calculate Pi to 22 trillion digits!
    4. Humans have memorised vast stretches of Pi, the world record currently stands at 17,000 digits.  Pi has a bit part in many books and movies.
    5. Engineers at NASA round Pi to 15 decimal places.
    6. We celebrate International Pi Day every year (using the American calendar of March 14th, 3.14).
    7. In basic mathematics, Pi is used to find the area and circumference of a circle. Pi is used to find area by multiplying the radius squared times Pi….



    The Brilliant Club

    The Scholars’ Programme is in full swing now with twelve Year 8 students attending weekly university-style tutorials with their PhD tutor, Dr Isobel Pinder.


    Students have been discussing the causes of the French Revolution, focusing this week on the Marxist explanation. Below is a sample of work produced by Lucy R:


    “What factors do you think were the most significant in causing the French revolution?”

    The most important cause of the French Revolution of 1789 was hunger and the unfairness of the regime.  Years of drought, poor harvest and disease in cattle meant food was scarce and expensive to purchase. The peasants could not afford the high prices of food, including the most basic groceries. On the other hand, the wealthiest aristocrats lived a life of luxury as they could afford the high prices. What is more, they used the peasants to harvest the food they could not buy. The nobles knew of this situation but did not act upon it, they left them to starve, not caring for their lives.

    Another reason why the poor were ready to revolt was because of the fact that the kingdoms finances were in a terrible state due to the king’s mismanagement of it, meaning more money had to be taken from the peasants who were unable to pay the increased taxes and eat. Seeing as prices of food had increased due to lack of it in recent years, they were put at even more of a disadvantage. They became outraged that they could not afford the food that was harvested by themselves and thought that change was needed. They decided violence was the only way to be heard, murder was the only way that they could get their food. Also, how the nobles looked down on the peasants and thought they were all mindless tools that they used to get resources. The peasants rage had built up from all the neglect and spite thrown upon them. With all of these things piled up, it became too much and they could not put up with it anymore, so revolution became inevitable in the circumstances.

    The last reason is that the age of enlightenment. They started thinking that everyone was equal and deserved more freedom. The peasants are just the same as nobles but are just at a disadvantage moneywise. This was spread worldwide and it started making the peasants of France more dissatisfied with their lot and they started to think they should be equal. The nobles disagreed with this so the only option was revolution.


    Remote delivery of the programme comes with its own unique challenges but our students definitely rise to them! Our students continue to do us proud in these difficult circumstances!


    A message from Mrs Naylor Teece

    Mr Brown would like to thank Year 7 for their amazing response to the technology activities for Cultural Capital day last week.


    He has told me that you really embraced the day and the challenges. He had photos and videos of marble runs in action, videos of parachute drops, photos of crazy golf courses all made at home and all made by the students. ‘There were also pictures of amazing things being baked, it was just lovely to see.’

    Well done Year 7!


    A message from Mrs Ireland

    There are a number of new resources available to all students in the Library Resources section of the Beaufort Working From Home folder on the website. I have added a Library Challenge called ‘Genre Bingo’ which you are free to complete just for fun. This is a great way to get yourself reading a variety of genres and I will welcome emails from anyone who completes the grid to let me know what titles you have read for each genre.


    There is also a link for the fantastic Online School Library which has been created by the National Literacy Trust and Oak National Academy. Every week a new children’s author is featured, providing you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads. This week’s author is the brilliant and funny Konnie Huq.


    In addition to these great resources we also have Recommended Reads and Audiobooks – all of which are available on the Henry Beaufort Wheelers ePlatform for free. Please see the Library section of the school website for details on how to log in.


    Lastly, I’ve added a folder of Poetry Slam workshops which have kindly been provided by Hampshire School Library Service who are running a Poetry Slam Competition. Details of which can be found at the bottom of each workshop. Year 9 have been working on the workshop by local poet Dave Hubble this fortnight in English but all students are welcome to view the workshops by any and all of the excellent poets featured, and enter the Poetry Slam competition if they would like to.


    Keep an eye on the newsletter after half term too, as we will share all the details of the exciting activities and competitions our Student Librarian team has organised to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 4th March.


    A message from Mrs Scott

    This week we are thinking about our online safety. Tuesday 9th February was Safer Internet Day, Mrs Lewis sent out a Schoolcomms reminding all of our parents of the resources available to help you support your children in keeping safe on line. Please see link to our Website Click here

    Online Safety is the focus of this week’s assembly from Mrs Scott. Please encourage your child to watch this assembly, it’s also an opportunity for you to talk to your child about how they keep themselves safe online.


    Henry Beaufort 8 Peak Community Challenge

    As a school we have launched a community challenge to see if you can virtually climb some of the tallest mountains across the UK, with the aim to see how far as a school community we can cover in distance and flights of stairs climbed before we break up for Easter. This challenge is open to Students, Staff, Support Staff and Families and we would love to see as many of you attempting to conquer some of the mountains and submitting your results via the QR Code. We would love to see students during their Core PE lessons using this time to attempt a challenge and these challenges can be broken into smaller challenges/distances and put together.


    For more information about this challenge please see the Henry Beaufort 8 Peak Community Challenge Information PowerPoint on the School Website in the Beaufort Work From Home folder.


    Please remember to submit any of your completed challenges via the Google Forms QR Code on the PowerPoint or via this link -


    We would love to hear about any of your efforts and see any photos so please send them to


    Tuesday the 16th of February is Shrove Tuesday so there is no better recipe to share with you this week than one for pancakes! Thank you Mrs Golding.


    And finally a message from me to you.


    There has been much in the media of late about the negative impact of the lockdown on your education and your progress. Of course there will be some impact although I do believe that being able to provide online lessons to every one of you in our school will make sure that you continue to learn.


    Thank you to those students who have joined me for a discussion on learning in lockdown. We have also talked about what would help when students do return to onsite working and I have been given some very useful advice on what would help both academically and in terms of well-being.


    The learning journey for you may have taken a bit of a detour but we will together make sure that you get back up to speed as soon as possible.  So when you hear or read about the gloomy predictions about your education I want you to think instead of all the things that you have learnt during this lockdown. Your IT skills , your ability to interact with teachers in a different learning environment, the emails you have sent us telling us about what you are doing, your ability to send in work on assignments and one note; your incredible enthusiasm for sharing new hobbies or meeting the challenges we set you on Cultural Capital day.


    We have all learnt to do things in a different way and some of this is for the better and we need to make sure we do not lose sight of the positives.


    You are amazing and a pandemic is not going to stop you being amazing now or in the future. You will fulfil your dreams and ambitions, and education now and in the future, will give you the skills, knowledge and understanding to do precisely that.


    ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’  [Eleanor Roosevelt]


    So continue to dream, to have ambitions; they are only on hold for a little while longer.


    With my best wishes to you and your family.


    Miss S Hearle












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  • FAQ Covid Testing

    Published 02/02/21

    Please view the document below.

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  • Hello from Henry B! Edition 4 2021

    Published 27/01/21



    27th January 2021


    Dear Parents and Students,

    I have to admit it was rather nice to wake up to a bit of snow on Sunday morning, just to look out on a slightly different scene. I particularly  enjoyed looking at all the mini snowmen that had been built using just the snow in the front garden in order to demonstrate  that no CV-19 rules had been broken in the making of snowmen!

    I hope you were all able to enjoy the day too although I appreciate that it is not always a welcome sight, especially if you have to attend work.

    I appreciate that for all of us there is a great deal of uncertainty around the return to school. We at present have no indication of when that may be and I imagine we will hear it when you do as part of a government briefing broadcast when a decision is made. So onward with the online learning!

    We are all very impressed with the amount of work that our young people are doing in this current lockdown. As teachers we are learning all the time about how to deliver these on line lessons. I know that in my own lessons faced with a blank screen, I have to curb the tendency to talk all the time and let the students get on with the task (stop wittering Miss Hearle!). Judging the speed of the learning is also quite difficult when you don’t have your class in front of you so we also know that we need to slow down our delivery in some instances.

    In the next few weeks I am going to be undertaking some online student forums with different year groups to get some direct feedback from our young people. This will allow us to learn from their experiences and develop our teaching techniques.

    If you do get an ‘invite’ for one of these events please do attend, we really want to get your feedback to inform our development with delivering these lessons online. I will aim for them to happen during what would have been tutor time so you don’t miss any lessons.

    We have begun our Lockdown new hobbies page and I am very impressed with the baking delights being created by Mrs Humphrys. I have started the patchwork quilt. The stitching may be a bit uneven but I am pleased with the start of what I feel is going to be a long project!

    Please do send in photos of your achievements so that we can post them on the website page. You don’t have to be in the picture if you don’t wish to be but it would be lovely to share your creativity.

    Creativity is certainly happening in science at the moment with lots of ideas whizzing around from both students and colleagues about how to undertake science practicals.

    Here’s just a flavour of what has been going on:

    • Students carrying out active exercise investigations
    • Students using kitchen science to learn about osmosis and respiration
    • Teachers demonstrating the digestive system
    • Teachers making and sharing microscope slides live on camera

    Again, if you have any photos we can share on the website do send them in using the address.


    Year 11 – Revision Guides/Resources still in school

    We are aware that our Year 11 students have resources they require at home but are still in school and some may require new exercise books and revision guides, therefore we will be collating all the resources each student requires from each subject department over the course of this week and will be asking students to come into school to collect on Monday 1st February and Tuesday 2nd February.


    There will be two opportunities on each day to collect the items, between 10am and 11am and again between 1pm and 2pm.  Students should collect from Drama 2 in the Beacon Arts Centre. Please do not come into the school site beyond this building.


    If you require further information, please email julie.potter@staff,


    A Message from Mrs Clarke

    Year 9 Teenage Booster Vaccination and HPV if required

    • Please ensure all forms are returned by Friday 29th midday at the latest as per the Schoolcomms sent out 21/1/21.
    • Information will be shared in a Student Assembly Friday 29th 12:15pm on Microsoft Teams.

    Please only attend school on Thursday 4th or Friday 5th February during the booked time slot. Please follow all guidance previously sent out for the safety of you and all other users of the school site.

    Any issues please contact Mrs Clarke -


    Thank you to all of our support staff who are working tirelessly to ensure that we can continue to hold events such as these, as well as supporting our students in receiving the resources they need.

    Finally just a reminder that school ‘closes’ at midday on Thursday as a result of our Virtual Year 8 Options Information event and Progress Evening. There will be no Microsoft Teams lessons Period 4 and 5 that day.

    Perhaps this would be a perfect time to have a go at the recipe of the week provided by Mrs Golding, Eve’s Pudding [in the work at home folder] - don’t forget the custard!!

    With my best wishes to you and your family,

    Miss Hearle


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