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The Henry

Lunchtime Charity Run

Students and staff run a mile to raise money for Sports Relief.

On 20th March, students and staff ran a mile to raise money for Sports Relief.

Gathering on the sports field at lunchtime, members of staff and students from all years ran to raise funds to help vulnerable people living both at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries.

Adding to the fun, everyone at Henry Beaufort was given the opportunity to wear whatever they pleased. While most students and staff simply delighted in wearing clothes of their own choice, others dressed to the occasion; around the track were students wearing a variety of coloured wigs, a few with devil horns, one clown in baggy trousers, two mad scientists and another student dressed as the “118” athlete.

Art teacher, Tracy Lobb, ran the mile with a giant, inflatable lobster on her back, while Helen Chapman, who has been teaching Art as cover for maternity leave since June, spent her last day at Henry Beaufort dressed as Elastigirl from the Disney film, The Incredibles.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Henry Beaufort,” said Helen, exhausted from the run, “especially when all the curricular teams come together for a whole school event like this and when it's all for a good cause too.”

Helen has now moved on to continue to teach Art at Regents Park Community College in Southampton. The total raised by Henry Beaufort School for Sports Relief has been estimated as £800.

Sports Relief