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The Henry

Are you looking for a school for your child? Questions to ask.

Frequently asked questions by parents of a child of secondary school age: 

Q: Does the school have a strong Progress 8 score?

A: At The Henry Beaufort school there are no limitations to a child’s attainment because we focus on a child’s progress. We are in seventh place (out of seventy schools) in the Hampshire Local Authority League tables and second in the League table for Winchester.

Q: Does the school have strong and effective financial management of its budget?

A: Prudent financial management at The Henry Beaufort school has ensured that the school is in an exceptionally strong position financially. We use our budget to secure well-qualified teaching and support staff as well as providing appropriate, good quality resources.

Q: What opportunities are there for our child to take part in extra curricular activities?

A: Our curriculum extension activities run every night after school. These range from sport, music, art and drama clubs to Home Learning club and subject specific opportunities such as STEM club. We provide late buses three nights a week so that every child has the opportunity to take part in after school activities.

Q: What other enrichment opportunities are there for our child?

A: At The Henry Beaufort school we are very proud of our cultural enrichment programme.  We organise trips to theatres and  national sporting events as well as taking part in local events such as the annual Mayor Making ceremony.  Our commitment is to offer exciting residential trips to places such as New York, the WW1 Battlefields, Finland and Italy, as well as Ski trips and a whole year group camping experience to name just a few.

Q: Do you have a large turnover of staff?

A: Not at The Henry Beaufort school. We have a stable and experienced Senior Leadership team. Ofsted  have recorded that ‘teachers and leaders at all levels are enthusiastic and ambitious’ [Ofsted 2017]. Our loyal and committed staff  are highly skilled as well as  innovative and creative in their approach to teaching. Our Learning Ethos, [HB]² ensures that your child  quickly  becomes an independent learner, highly adept at responding to the requirements of the secondary school curriculum.

Q: How do I know that this approach works?

A: Does the school have a strong Progress 8 score?


School places

Academic Year 2017-2018

We currently have places available in the year groups 8 & 9

Academic Year 2018-2019

Places are currently available from September 2018 in the Year groups 9 & 10


Please contact the school on 01962 880073 or email to book a tour of the school.



We offer a bus service to and from the Andover and Basingstoke area.  We also provide a late bus service that allows all students to take part in our comprehensive after school activities programme.