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The Henry

Hello from Henry B! Edition 2 2021 ​​​​​​​

13th  January 2021


Dear Parents and Students,

I am so pleased that the online learning is going well and thank you for all the acknowledgment of the amount of work this involves for my colleagues.  My Year 11 class are being very patient with me as I get to grips with it all!

As we will be continuing with online learning until at least half term we will maintain our commitment to you receiving teacher feedback for every 8 hours of on line learning. This may look very different from the work that is given as feedback in an exercise book. It may for example be feedback written as part of work completed on the assignments function of Microsoft teams or for some of our very tech savvy colleagues, the direct feedback they are recording within the remote learning lesson itself.

Whatever method my colleagues choose to use please be assured that we will be monitoring both the attendance and the progress of our young people.

Libraries in Hampshire

I am very conscious that you will not have direct access to resources from the school library at present and we want to encourage you to continue to read as much as possible.

There are two initiatives through the Hampshire Library service that I want to draw your attention to.  All of this information can be accessed by going onto the Hampshire County Website and searching under ‘Libraries and archive’.

  1. ‘Although all Hampshire Libraries are closed for browsing, customers can borrow and reserve physical items at public libraries by using the Ready Reads service or reserving online.’
  1.  An opportunity to take part in the Hampshire Library Services Winter Reading Challenge. I have included details below:

Take part in the Winter Reading Challenge

Sign-up online and read or listen to any four books by Saturday 27 February. This can include books you read or listen to together, bedtime stories, non-fiction books, ebooks and audiobooks.

Sign up to the Winter Reading Challenge
Every time you finish reading a book, fill in your personal Winter Reading Challenge reading record. Tell us how many books you’ve read, what the books are called and who they are by. If you want, you can let us know how much you like them too.
You’ll automatically be sent a completer’s certificate when you’ve reached a total of four books in your Winter Reading Challenge reading record. We’ll send you emails along the way, every time you add a new book to your record.

Your Winter Reading Challenge reading record 

You’ll find thousands of children’s ebooks and audiobooks free to download using our BorrowBox service with lots of titles always available without a wait. You’ll find links to some of our recommendations on this webpage and information about downloading ebooks and audiobooks.
You can also use our new Ready Reads: We Select You Collect service to borrow books. Library staff will regularly handpick a selection of books for you to collect from the entrance of your local library. You can choose how often and how many books you’d like.

If you’re not already a member of Hampshire Libraries, you can join to take part. There’s a special video to show you how to join.

This year’s Winter Reading Challenge is all about getting cosy together to share the love of reading.’

Reading is such an important way of extending our knowledge and the range of the vocabulary we can use in our written communication.  My favourite place to read is curled up in a chair as it gets dark with just a single light on and a steaming mug of hot chocolate by my side [with added marshmallows of course!].  Do you have a favourite place to read? Let me know and we can share your thoughts on this through our newsletter.

Let me know if you get involved in the challenge, I hope to be giving out a number of Headteacher awards.   Whilst we are on the subject of Headteacher awards, the first one of the year is about to go out to Bronwynn for her amazing video production of a science experiment. Well done!

I have asked your teachers to nominate students who go that extra mile for their work and I expect to be loading down the postal service with postcards in the next few weeks!

We have also reinstated our recipe of the week - thank you Mrs Golding. This appears in the Beaufort Online Working From Home area on our school website under\Recipes\2021. This week’s recipe is for rocky road treats! [hmm, might add that in to the items required for my daily reading!].

I think I have decided on my lockdown project too, more on the highs and lows of this next week.

Your teachers and support staff miss you being in school but we all know that this lockdown is the right thing to do. Take care and keeeeeeeeeeeeep learning!

With my best wishes

Miss Hearle