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The Henry

Hello from Henry B! Edition 7 2021

24th February 2021


Dear Parents and Students,


We have date for a whole school return and I am so happy that we can now work towards getting our young people back on to the school site.


 Following on from the announcement yesterday about return to on site learning, we are now looking at how this will take place for our school. Lateral flow testing for students for whom we have consent is now required to take place 3 times across the remainder of this term.  As you can appreciate a school of our size would require 5 working days to successfully complete all the first round of testing.


We do not want our students to be out of school any longer than necessary. We have taken the decision that all students will return to the school site on Monday the 8th of March. We have successfully kept our students in year group bubbles during the Autumn term and we know that they are really good at following the guidance.


Testing will then take place over the course of the week in year group bubbles for those students in each year group for whom we have consent to take the test. This will then be repeated for the following two weeks of the term.


After this we have been directed to issue home test kits so that testing can continue at home. This is a new instruction and we are currently working our way through the guidance that has accompanied this. The school will send out information about the home testing nearer the time. This is also a voluntary process.

At present we want to make sure that we concentrate on establishing an efficient and reassuring process for the on-site testing. Our keyworker students currently in school had their first test on Monday.


The feedback from the test team was very complimentary:

‘All of the children were amazing. There was no fuss or bother even if they were a bit uneasy about taking the test. They were so polite, showed great sense of humour and just got on with it. Very impressive.

The team is very confident about continuing the testing when the rest of the students start to return.’


Please do not send your child into school if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been identified as a close contact. This will require the mandatory 10 days of self-isolation. Students will be able to remote in to their lessons in the same way as they do now for on line learning.


If your child is in this position please contact the school as soon as possible to let us know using the  email address. Please let us know the outcome of any test.

When students return to the school site on the 8th of March they will spend Period 1 in tutor time. This will be used to go through our stringent hygiene measures which will be the same as they were in the Autumn term. The one way system will remain in place. The Bistro will be open for lunchtime only with the same staggered access in year group bubbles as there was in the Autumn term.


The significant difference will be the introduction of face masks in lessons as recommended by the government:

‘In addition to the system of controls, where pupils in year 7 and above are educated, we recommend that face coverings should be worn by staff and pupils where social distancing cannot easily be maintained when moving around the premises outside of classrooms or teaching spaces, such as in corridors and communal areas. In the same settings for a limited period, we recommend the use of face coverings in classrooms and other teaching spaces, unless wearing a face covering would impact on the ability to take part in exercise or strenuous activity, for example in PE lessons, or for those who are exempt from wearing a face covering as set out in Government guidance.’


We will publish full details of the return to the school site at the start of next week. Students will continue with online learning until they return to the school site. I have attached information from the Hampshire LA on returning to school which might be helpful to you as a family. Thank you to Mrs Lewis for passing this on.


We will restart Year 11 clinics from the 8th of March. Late buses will be available for Year 11 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


We will review the summer programme of after school activities later this term and in line with government advice and data.


Well, I think that’s enough information for one newsletter, let’s turn our attention to other things.


So, how did those projects/new hobbies go during half term? I am pleased to say that the patchwork quilt has got bigger and I am now waiting on a delivery of more material squares.


Please do let us know what you have been doing and pictures of any completed projects would be particularly well received. I look forward to sending out many more postcards!


This week’s recipe is for cottage pie, thank you Mrs Denman! You will find the full recipe in the work at home area of the Website under ‘recipes’.


A message from Miss McNamara


Turn your trash into treasure by creating Ecobricks! Save, clean and dry your single-use plastic and stuff a squash bottle (1 litre/1.5 litre) with your plastics. When you're finished packing, you will have a brick-like building tool, which we will be able to use at HB to build either a garden bed, footpath, or seating area. 

Top Tips:

  1. Cut your plastic into small pieces to make it easier to stuff the bottles
  2. Bottles (1litre or 1.5 litre) need to be packed down very tight- when they're filled, they need to be very dense
  3. Make sure your plastics are clean and dry
  4. NO biodegradables 

Things that can go inside your bottle:

  • plastic bags
  • plastic wrap (food coverings)
  • crisp packets
  • sweet wrappers
  • cling film

Please email Miss McNamara should you have any further questions.’


Congratulations to students in Year 9 who have helped to plant 500 trees, donated by the Woodland Trust in the school grounds. A magnificent effort!


I do hope you are as excited about the return to school as we are. We know that you will be looking forward to catching up with your friends so to support you with this there will be a 30 minute first break on the first day back so that you can spend a little bit of extra time with your friends. Thank you to the students who suggested this to us.


I just hope it doesn’t rain! Come prepared!!


With my best wishes to you and your family, we are nearly there now.


Miss S Hearle