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The Henry

Hello from Henry B! Edition 11 2021​​​​​​​



20th of July  2021

Dear Parents and Students,

As we approach the end of another eventful and complex year for our school community I wanted to update you on our plans for September.

Now that we have reached the 19th of July and the removal of covid restrictions, along with the government’s  commitment to allowing schools to return to normal school working practices from the 16th of August, it is time to look to the future of our school. Next academic year marks the school’s 50th anniversary and whilst some plans may have to be altered, we have booked our Celebration Service in Winchester Cathedral  next summer. This will take place as part of an Evensong Service. We hope that we can get as many of our young people involved as possible. More details will follow next academic year.

I am anticipating  some covid measures will remain in September, most significantly the continuation of lateral flow testing and stringent hygiene practices, but now is the time to look positively towards the new academic year and a return to the way in which our school works according to our ethos of inclusivity and community.

We are, as you will be aware, returning to Vertical Tutoring [VT] from September.  A great deal of work is going on in order to ensure that students are comfortable with the groups they will be in and I would like to thank our Heads of Year for the enormous amount of time and effort they are spending on getting this right for our young people. On the first day back on Wednesday the 8th of September there will be an extended  tutor time and an opportunity  for our young people to meet or re meet the  members of their VT group.  

The finish time of school will revert to 2.40pm for all students but we do intend to retain the staggered exit of the buses as this has worked well and ensured a safe and calm exit of students at the end of the day.

We have a number of exciting projects happening over the summer holiday period.

An increase in parking spaces behind the Beacon Arts Centre [ BAC] means that we can retain the social area in front of the BAC as a space for all students. This will be particularly useful when the wet weather sets in and we can no longer use the field as social space at break and lunchtime.

We are also  installing automatic gates at the top and bottom of the school site to increase on site safety and security for our school community.   More details will be published to you in September if you are due to visit the school site outside of the start and finish times for the main school.

As well as keeping the top area of the school as a social area, we are working with HSC3 our food provider to position a walk through kiosk serving snacks in this area. This will mean that students who are at the top of the school site at the start of  break and on lunch at 11.50am, will no longer have to walk to the Bistro at the bottom of the site to purchase food.  

This will mean a reduced queuing time for our young people which we know has always been problematic.

Year group bubbles will not be in place, so students will be free to use the site as a whole.

There will be some restrictions as to what can be served so the main hot meal will still only be served from the Bistro.

We hope to have this in place by  the end of October.

We will still have a split lunch but this will be divided into teams rather than year groups. In order to maintain efficiency, there will be staggered  Bistro times for each year group over each split lunchtime. This will be explained to the students on the first day back.

Further work will take place in the technology block over the holiday period with some refurbishment of the food technology room, R6. A new laser cutter is being purchased for use by the students in design and technology  and R4 will be furnished  with additional computers so that it is fully accessible for a whole class of students.

As you will be aware we are holding our Year 7 transition days on Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th of September with the help and support of our Student Leaders.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Year 10 students who applied for this position. I was privileged to be part of some of the interview process and I and my colleagues were very impressed with the quality and maturity of the answers given by the Year 10 applicants.

Well done to all of you!

On Tuesday 29th June 177 Year 10 students spent the day thrill seeking at Thorpe Park to celebrate the end of Year 10. The students were absolutely fantastic and a brilliant day was had by all.

You will also find attached to this school communication an article on the Year 10  art trip to Roche Court.

Last week’s enrichment activities took a slightly different approach for a number of our students  who accessed an on line option. The feedback from these on line activities has been very positive and thank you to my colleagues who put together activities  at the 11th hour. A particular thank you to the professional support team for all the work they have done behind the scenes in order for these activities to take place.

Look out for photos of our activities for Years 7-9 on the school website and our facebook page.

Hopefully next year we can get back to a full week of activities and a return to residential trips in both this country and abroad.

I have been very impressed by the number of students who colleagues have recommended for a Headteacher Special Recognition Badge this half term. A number of students have now reached their star badges with two students obtaining a gold award. Well done to all of you who have received badges this year!

We are saying a farewell to a number of colleagues at the end of this term.  Thank you to Mr Harrison, who has been with us whilst Mrs Bruins has been on maternity leave, and Mr Davison in PE. We wish them every success in their new posts. Thank you too to Mrs Poustie for her work in the Humanities department this term.

We will still be seeing Mr Wilson next year as he supports with peri work in the music team  but we say a huge thank you for covering Mrs Saunders maternity leave.

Mr Priest and Mrs Patterson, our wonderful science technicians  retire this term.  We thank them both for their amazing service to the science team and the school as a whole.

We wish  the very best for the future to members of the SEND team;  Mrs Motte,who is taking up a position at another school  and Mrs Lewis-Vidler who is starting her teacher training.

Mr Smyth, who has been sharing the responsibility of leading the Maths team this year, is moving on to lead a maths department in another school in Hampshire. We wish him every success.

Taking early retirement this term is Ms Murphy in the science team.  Ms Murphy has been at The Henry Beaufort school for 28 years of her teaching career.  We thank her for her dedication to her students over this time both in her role as a teacher of science and as a tutor.

Thank you too to Miss Bean who has been Acting Head of Year 10 since Christmas whilst  Mrs Briggs has been on maternity leave. Miss Bean moves to a new pastoral post in school from September. Mrs Naylor-Teece also takes up a new post in school as our Aspirations Co-ordinator  supporting  a group of students, building on this year’s work with The Brilliant Club.

We welcome back from maternity leave, Mrs Saunders [Music], Miss Bartlam[ Art], Mrs Briggs [Head of Year 11], Mrs Bruins[ AL for Humanities]  Mrs Fradley [ English] and later in the autumn term Mrs Harris [ Science] returns from her maternity leave.

Mrs Ireland will  be on maternity leave next year and Miss Sergeant will be covering the librarian position in her absence.

In September we welcome a number of new colleagues:


Member of staff


Ms Brodie​

Drama ​

Mr Miller​


Ms  O'Hagan​


Ms Digweed​


Mr Vickerage​


Miss Brown​


Mrs Harwood​


Miss Potter​


Mrs Legg​

Geography Subject Leader​

Mr Hintze​

Science ​

Mr Macleod​


Ms Deacon​

Science Technician​

Mr Evans​

Senior Science Technician​



Finally I would like to take this opportunity to  record my personal thanks to my colleagues. They have been amazing this year.  The pandemic has brought so many  complexities and challenges into all of our lives and yet they have continued to offer high quality  teaching and exemplary support beyond the classroom, despite lockdowns and  constantly changing government guidance for schools.

I sincerely hope that they will be able to get the rest and relaxation they  deserve this summer.

Our young people have shown such resilience throughout the last 18 months, I do hope they get a summer break that allows them safe and enjoyable freedoms.

Thank you too for your continuing support and active involvement in your child’s education.  You have lived this eventful time in education with us every step of the way.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

With my very best wishes to you all,

Miss S Hearle