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Beaufort Asks Israel...

Year 10 students link up and discuss issues live with the Israeli Embassy in a classroom video conference.

On Friday 6th June, Year 10 Humanities students linked up and discussed issues live with the Israeli Embassy in London during a classroom video conference.

Using a webcam and a microphone, students engaged in a Q&A session with Robin Hamilton-Taylor, a representative from the Israeli Embassy, and received the answers to their questions in real-time during their Humanities lesson.

This is all part of a larger investigation titled Searching for a Solution, designed to encourage students to become engaged with the important issues surrounding Israel and Palestine. The topic comes to a climax this week with a visit from Amjad Taha, a Palestinian who came to the UK to study but was unable to return, and Naira Antoun from the Council for Arab-British Understanding on Wednesday (11th June). A second video conference with an Israeli parent of a student from Henry Beaufort will take place on Thursday (12th June).

To replay the conference between Year 10 and Mr. Hamilton-Taylor from the Israeli Embassy, click on the following link and select “Go to replay”. Use the fast-forward button to skip the sound tests at the beginning or jump to any position of the hour-long conference.

Click here to replay the video conference.

Flag of Israel