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Henry Beaufort celebrate Deaf Awareness Week

Deaf Awareness Week is celebrated across the school from May 4th-10th 2015

This week, The Henry Beaufort School is celebrating Deaf Awareness Week, which runs from 4-10th May 2015.

What is deaf awareness? 

It's about 'promoting the positive aspects of deafness', to 'promote social inclusion' and to raise awareness to everyone that may not know what this means. Most importantly it's about helping people that are deaf.

Some people communicate through sign language as they find it hard to understand because they can’t hear very well. They may find it difficult to speak clearly so sign language is a useful means of communication for them.

Students were invited to learn to sign so they can communicate with some of the school’s deaf students. Annie Roberts, Deaf Instructor, worked with a deaf student to put together a film demonstrating signs relating to school vocabulary. This was shown in tutor time across all classes with supporting handouts, which was well received with students picking up a few words to use around the school in sign language.

4 tips that are important to remember when talking to a deaf person:
1.      Talk normally
2.      Face them when you talk
3.      Don’t say it doesn’t matter or don’t worry if they don't understand the first time
4.      Make sure they know what you are talking about

If students are interested in learning more signs they are invited to come along to Sign Choir on Wednesday lunchtimes or Sign Club on Thursday lunchtimes in the HIU.