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Request for host families

Erasmus + is a British Council funded venture, which has replaced Comenius. It provides opportunities for schools and colleges to introduce and strengthen a European dimension as part of their curriculum. As you may have seen on our website we have recently launched an exciting new project, in conjunction with our four European partner schools; Germany, Spain, Italy and Finland. The Henry Beaufort School will host the first trip of this project and therefore we will be asking for families to host a student from one of our partner schools. We anticipate that students will arrive on Sunday 29th November and will return home on Saturday 5th December. Our school has been involved in this type of project for many years now and the projects have always been very well supported. In exchange for your hospitality your child will have the opportunity to take part in a fully funded trip to one of our partner schools and will join in with exciting activities throughout the visit at the end of this term. As a school we are fully invested in the benefits that a project like this can provide in terms of confidence building, creating lasting friendships and an overall cultural experience that you won’t always find on other school trips.

To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of the visiting students they will be paired with someone of the same sex and of a similar age. We also ensure that our host families are able to provide them with;

  • access to bathroom facilities which can be locked
  • a ride home on any days that the activities last longer than a normal school day
  • a packed lunch on several days
  • pick up and drop off to Winchester on arrival and departure days


It is also stipulated by Hampshire County Council that all host families have DBS checks carried out on adults (anyone over 18) in the household. You will be required to supply some documentation for this, but will incur no cost. We would like to produce a database of families who have been DBS checked as soon as possible.


All visiting students will be expected to attend school/take part in organised activities during the day and would spend evenings only with the host family. We do not stipulate that any specific activities be provided by the host families however, anything that allows visitors to experience local attractions and culture is always appreciated. All students will be expected to follow the code of conduct signed prior to the visit. A range of contact details for Henry Beaufort staff and the accompanying teachers from our partner schools will be made available to you (24 hour). By attending the International Links Club at school, your child will be able to make contact with and get to know their partner online prior to the visit.


If your family would be willing to host at the end of this term, please fill in the attached form and return it to school as soon as possible. Or alternatively, return by email attachment to . This email can also be used if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.