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The Henry

A fortnight at HCC

Following on from Year 11 student Tom Knapton's success during his work experience placement, fellow student Matthew Wedgwood tells us about his time with Hampshire County Council.


“All Year 11 pupils at The Henry Beaufort School need  to have at fortnight’s work experience at a workplace they’ve chosen, as long as the organisation can take them. I willingly accepted the opportunity to get my work experience at Hampshire County Council’s IT department at the beginning of this academic year.


A tour of the Data Centre by Richard Maple at the Council gave me a clear insight on the extent of technology’s potential.  Technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives and is constantly being pushed to make developments that people possibly couldn’t have imagined.


I spent my first two days with Keith Walkley and Josh Parker at the IT help desk; this is where people call when they’re having problems with their IT which are beyond their power to solve. The IT help desk is able to advise technology users to resolve any incidents. Technology can be complicated; therefore not everybody is able to use it like it’s a second nature.


If the incident can’t be solved there and then, the task of solving a customer’s issue is passed on to second level support. Second level support is split in to corporate support and school support and I spent the following day in corporate support with Ed Tomlinson and Alex Baker where any support related to the services of the Hampshire County Council is given.


After the weekend I went to visit Dave Berry and James Regan at a site called The Beach Hut which is within schools second level support where I went on site visits around the area to fix any technical problems.  I particularly enjoyed this part of my work experience placement because it was much more interactive.


The remainder of my time was spent on site, learning about common services provided to schools and workplaces around the area such as hardware and networking.


“Overall, my time at the Hampshire County Council IT Department was an educational two weeks and the experience I have gained will, I hope, prove useful in my future career.”


James Regan, who oversaw Matthew’s placement at The Beach Hut, commented: “I was very impressed with Matthew’s maturity and ability to pick up the tasks I set for him both in the office and while on site”.