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The Henry

Swine Flu Awareness

Please click below to read how the school has followed national advice and has put in place an action plan to deal with any cases of the virus should they arise.

1st May 2009

Dear Parents

Re: School s response to the current Swine Flu situation
I am writing to you not to alarm you, but to reassure you that as a school we have followed national advice and are putting in place an action plan to deal with any cases of the virus should they arise.  This includes considering our young nursery children in Henry’s Kindergarten.
We will be asking tutors to remind students of the need to ensure they follow (especially now) good hygiene practice e.g. washing their hands before and after eating and after using the toilet.  All toilets will have antibacterial hand gel in them for pupils to use.  Likewise, if any parent or student visited Mexico over the Easter holidays, please could they contact the school immediately so we can advise further.
In order to help could you please support us by:-
•    Reminding your son/daughter of the need for good hygiene practice.  We are happy for students to bring in their own small container of hand gel to use if they wish.  They can be purchased at all chemists.
•    Keeping your son/daughter off school if they show any signs of infection as identified below and seek medical advice.
•    Inform us immediately by telephone if your son/daughter shows any signs of infection, so that we are aware of the situation.

We will:-
•    Send home immediately (after contacting you) any student showing any signs of infection.
•    Request that staff stay off school should they show any signs of infection.

We will keep you informed of any progress if the situation changes.
I would like to stress that no student or member of staff has currently shown any symptoms.
Thank you in advance for your support with these preventative measures.
Yours sincerely,

Mr J de Sausmarez

The symptoms of influenza are:

Most significant

•    Fever

•    Cough and/or shortness of breath

•    Sudden onset of symptoms   


•    Aching muscles


•    Sore throat


•    Runny nose, sneezing


•    Loss of appetite


•    Headache


•    Malaise (lethargy, listlessness)

•    Chills