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The Henry

(HB)^3 STEM Club

If you saw our story about our STEM students visiting the Science Centre in December, you will be aware we have started a brand new STEM club here at The Henry Beaufort School. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The aim of the club is to bring together these four disciplines to enthuse the students for further study and careers in these fields.


The group is formed of six girls from Years 7-9, who were invited as they have been identified as Gifted and Talented in at least two of these fields. We do plan to expand the group this new year, to welcome all students who wish to attend.


The girls are working towards the Ultimate BP Challenge. They are investigating how to make buildings more energy efficient. In order to do this, they have been testing different types of insulation on a cube to see which are most effective at keeping the cube warm in a cold environment, as well as cool in a warm environment.


The group has been fortunate to receive support from a number of STEM Ambassadors from local industry and we must thank them for their contributions and assistance with the challenge.


We will keep you updated with how the girls get on with the Challenge!