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The Henry

Marwell Zany Zebra completed

If you read our first story about Henry Beaufort's newest four-legged recruit, you'll remember this term he was due to be painted. On the  11th  March, The Zany Zebra crew (Mollie Bragan,  Ava Burgin, Amy Dunn, Armiee Akpobire, Ama Niumatai, Amit Gurung, Cameron Waugh, Danny Piper, Olivia Hart, Bronwen Fisher, Jake Collins,  Oliver Lawes, Keain Offord and Felix Wheeler) got together and painted their collective design based on the landscape and patterns of Africa onto the blank Zebra provided by Marwell Zoo.

marwell zoo zany zebra at henry beaufort
All the students worked together to create their masterpiece!


Even though they had the whole day to work on it,  it was a real push to get it completed. All the students worked incredibly hard and demonstrated some fantastic team work, especially as it was quite difficult to get to some of the spaces on the Zebra with so many  of them painting at the same time!

marwell zoo zany zebra at henry beaufort
Mrs Lyons working with Danny to produce the title for their zebra


As well as building confidence, many students used acrylic paints for the first time. On taking it down to the foyer (its home before it goes to Marwell in May) Miss Hearle was taken aback by the quality of what the students had produced and rewarded them all well-deserved extra stamps!

marwell zoo zany zebra at henry beaufort
Armiee concentrating hard on her area of the zebra