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The Henry

Year 7 Tuck Shop

The students in Mrs Watts’s Year 7 ICT class have been learning about Excel and how it is used for financial modelling by setting up their own tuck shop business. The students carried out research about healthy eating, used the internet to reliably find information about a charity to support then carried out primary research in the form of questionnaires to collate ideas about what to sell.

The classes raised start-up capital, then used it to invest in stock to sell. They created posters and researched the importance of advertising as an effective marketing tool. The final tuck shop was held on Friday the 17th June; the students organised and ran the whole event from start to finish very efficiently. They then used their Profit and Loss accounts to calculate the Gross Profit and Net Profit (learning the difference along the way) and handed back the original shareholders’ investment (some chose to leave their investments in for further growth/ or in our case donation to charity). The final profit of £37 was split between McMillan and Water Aid.


Katherine, Year 7 said:

“I believe that that our Year 7 tuck shop was very successful and as well as that I think that everyone had fun doing it. During this project we learnt to create and plan our own business, and we learnt to create things needed in a business such as spreadsheets, profit and loss accounts and more. Over time we had the opportunity to develop more IT skills and have fun along the way. At the end of our project we got to experience having our own event that we got to run. It was a fun, educational project that everyone enjoyed.”