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The Henry

Hampshire Book Award

Ten enthusiastic Year 8 readers completed the Hampshire Book Award this year. The Hampshire Book Award is an annual competition organised by the School Library Service (SLS), where groups of Year Eight students from schools throughout Hampshire read six different books, selected by SLS, and vote on a winner.

The Henry Beaufort group met every few weeks in the school library to have animated conversations about the different novels. The time came on the 29th June for the Voting Day at the Winchester Discovery Centre: school groups from all over the county met to discuss the books, take part in a quiz, and cast their vote for the winning novel.

The six titles were: ‘Winterkill’ by Kate A.Boorman, ‘Looking at the Stars’ by Jo Cotterill, ‘Apple and Rain’ by Sarah Crossan, ‘Devil you Know’ by Cathy MacPhail, ‘Smart’ by Kim Slater and ‘The Boundless’ by Kenneth Oppel. The winning book was ‘Looking at the Stars’, a novel which looks at two sisters who have been forced to flee their war-torn home and have to struggle to survive in a refugee camp; the novel proved popular with students, perhaps due to its relevant subject matter. Students who took part in the Hampshire Book Award can look forward to seeing Jo Cotterill in the Winchester Guildhall this coming November, where she will be discussing her writing and receiving her award.

The students did a fantastic job and provided insightful and interesting discussion on each of the texts- well done!

Theo, a Henry Beaufort student who took part in the Hampshire Book Award, discusses his favourite book from the competition:

The book ‘Devil You Know’ was my favourite book because of the thrilling, fast paced action. It made you want to just carry on reading because of this. Also, the storyline was well thought out and was believable, and it was unpredictable. Furthermore, the ending of the book was good as it made you realise a lot about the story that you never picked up on when reading it. I think ‘Devil You Know’ was the best book because it was intriguing and enticing. It was the book that I read quickest which, to me, proves how enticing the story was.