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The Henry

2015-16 GCSE Music Highlights

Below you will find a selection of highlights from our 2015-16 GCSE Musicians. Please select the MP3 file you wish to listen to and enjoy!

  1. Solfeggietto by C.P.E. Bach – Performed by Dylan Harley
  2. Blood Stream by Ed Sheeran – Performed by Joe Butler, Rowan Cogley, Adam McClenaghan and Tom Tollyfield 
  3. Piece for 2 Pianos – Composed and Performed by Alfie Lawrence
  4. Lost Truth – Composed and Performed Ines Mazdon Delas
  5. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton – Performed by Tom Davies
  6. Piece for Guitar and Drums – Composed and Performed by Charlie Sale
  7. Take Our Time – Composed and Performed by Becky Hemming
  8. Panis Angelicus, by St Thomas Aquinas – Performed by Colette Stuart
  9. Resistance by Muse – Performed by Alfie Lawrence
  10. Waltz for Piano – Composed and Performed by Nathalie Ryan