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The Henry

Autumn Term in the LRC

Autumn Term:

In October we held our first Scholastic Book Fair of the year. Students were able to browse a selection of over 200 of the newest and best books, including a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles as well as posters and stationery. The event was overseen by Mrs Ireland but the Student Librarian team were in charge of advertising the Book Fair around the school, manning the LRC at break and at lunch to assist students with their purchases, and organising two competitions which gave students the chance to win vouchers for the book fair. Some of the Year 10 Student Librarians ran the ‘Original Character Competition’ that they devised, which involved students designing their own fictional character and explain their personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. The standard of entries was incredibly high and were judged by two Year 10 Student Librarians who awarded the first place prize of a £10 voucher to Eleanor (Y9), and two runners up prizes of £5 each to Saba (Y8) and Logan (Y8). Thanks to the students and parents of The Henry Beaufort School we achieved a huge amount of sales which has resulted in us being able to get over 40 brand new books for our Learning Resource Centre from Scholastic for free. Our next Book Fair will run from 26th February – 3rd March 2020.

Our Student Librarians have been working on displays and ideas for new events and competitions throughout the term, including a spooktacular Halloween display and the Book of the Week display. Currently the team are running a fantastic initiative called ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’. Together the team chose a selection of different books that they felt were excellent reads, hid the covers with plain sheets and wrapped them up in brown paper. All the books have been displayed with five key words written on the front of the wrapped book, such as ‘friendship’, ‘war’, ‘mystery’, etc. ready for students to choose which book they would like to take out purely based on those words. Over fifty wrapped books have been loaned since half term, with lots of students returning them having thoroughly enjoyed a book that they would never have chosen had they judged it by its cover. This event is running until Christmas so students have until then to unwrap a mystery book!