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The Henry

Details of our expansion

As the catchment secondary school for Kings Barton, The Henry Beaufort School is delighted to announce we will be undergoing significant expansion in order to accommodate new students. The school already has capacity for 1005 students, and by 2021, we will be able to accept a further 150 students.


How will the school grow?

Working closely with the Local Authority and educational architects , The Henry Beaufort School’s expansion will include new classrooms, enhanced sports facilities and additional social areas for our students. 

Currently the school has 203 student places per year group. By the time our expansion is complete, we are pleased to announce this will have been extended by 30 per year.


When will the expansion be completed?

Plans for The Henry Beaufort School expansion are already underway. The Local Authority are currently drawing up plans for additional facilities that will benefit all of the students at the  school.  Work will take place in phases to accommodate all new students.


Can I apply for my child’s place now, although expansion isn’t complete?

Yes, we have spaces in Years 7, 8 and 9 for the current year group as well as all years from 2017/18 onwards. You are welcome to visit the school to view our facilities and meet the Headteacher.


How do I apply for my child’s place?

Please contact the school at for information on in-year applications. For parents of Year 6 children or younger, please use the standard Hampshire County Council procedure for applying to secondary schools. Local Authority website: