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The Henry


Food Technology aims to inspire in the students a passion to prepare and create a variety of foods with confidence and independence, encouraging awareness of food choices and the resulting effects on our health.

Building from the basics, making biscuits to designing their own pizza, students in Year 7 and 8 gain a range of cooking and kitchen skills, studying the importance of hygiene and how different foods contribute to a balanced diet. In Year 9, practical food skills are extended to more complex recipes and students are made aware of the needs of those with special dietary requirements.

At GCSE, students are assessed on 60% coursework and 40% written examinations. At this level, students follow current industrial and commercial practices, demonstrating their knowledge of design and manufacturing processes involved in making quality food products. In the past, students have created healthy cooked and chilled meals inspired by foods of the world, made sweet baked products aimed at the teenage market and even created edible stirrers.