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The Henry

Modern Foreign Languages

Languages in Year 7 and 8 

Students in Year 7 either study French, German or Spanish with six lessons of language tuition per fortnight. In Year 8 there are also six lessons. 

In Year 8 approximately half of students are given the opportunity to start a second language. The second language could be French, German or Spanish but is dependent on staffing at the time. Our selection is careful and only students whom we consider capable of achieving high standards in two languages are selected. The pace is fast and both linguistic aptitude and hard work are required. If a student if offered a second language, they are expected to take at least one to GCSE level. Students who are not offered a second language continue to have six lessons per fortnight of their original language and many choose to study the subject at GCSE. 

Throughout the course, home learning is set at least two times a week and more for double linguists. 

In our teaching we use a variety of strategies. Teaching is based around topics and language skills. Students are expected to learn vocabulary and structures, and grammatical progression is incorporated into the topics. 

Students are regularly assessed in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; the assessments may be formal or informal. 


Students continue to learn the same languages in Year 9 and can opt to continue these languages at GCSE. Spanish, French and German are offered at GCSE to those students who have previously studied these languages.  We follow AQA GCSE course in all three languages and over the course, students study three themes:

At the end of the course, students are assessed in four skill areas, each of which account for 25% of their final grade. Students are entered for either foundation (grades 1-5) or higher (grades 4-9) tier.

  • Paper 1: Listening – 25%
  • Paper 2: Speaking – 25%
  • Paper 3: Reading – 25%
  • Paper 4: Writing – 25%