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The Henry

Student Comments

Hannah, Y10

The trip to Finland was a fun and educational experience. We went ice fishing, had a sauna, played some Finnish games and took part in a Science lesson about the anatomy of fish.


Alice, Y8

Travelling to Finland was a fantastic experience for me. It was an unforgettable trip. The everyday lives of the Finnish people we stayed with are different to ours, but it gave us the chance to try a variety of new sports like snow shoeing and cross country skiing.


Lizzie, Y10

The trip to Finland was amazing and really interesting. We got to try new foods in the family home and new activities at school. It was really refreshing to experience a new culture.


Laura, Y8

It was an incredible week. Everyone was so nice and it was very sad when we had to leave. I loved doing the ice fishing and our afternoon at the Duudsonit Activity Park.


Francesca, Y8

On the Erasmus+ Finland trip I loved meeting new people and leaning about Finnish culture. The activities I participated in where very fun and I liked trying the new food. I would love to go back.


Emily, Y10

It was great to go to Soini and stay with my exchange partner. I learnt a little Finnish and enjoyed every activity I participated in. The hosts were all so welcoming and it would be lovely to go back again in the future.


Josh, Y8

My best experience was the cross country skiing. Although I fell over a few times, it was really fun! The teacher and students showed us two different styles- one with poles and one without.


Ben, Y8

My trip to Finland was really fun. My best experience was going to the activity park. I enjoyed the parkour section.


Alex, Y10

Personally I really enjoyed the leaving party as I got to really pass on my appreciation for a fantastic week to my host Roni and everyone else in the group. The party was very lively and we all definitely enjoyed ourselves!