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Textiles provides our students the opportunity to understand how fibres, yarns and fabrics can be used in a variety of contexts and, through theory and practice, are taught production techniques and the practical skills to design, make and modify products for an identified purpose.
In Years 7 & 8, students are taught how to use a range of equipment safely and effectively, this includes sewing machines, heat transfer press, irons and computerised embroidery machines.  The Year 8 module focuses on the use of smart materials and prototyping to manufacture high quality innovative products.

Students choosing to study Textiles in Year 9 will undertake projects which build on their experience at KS3 and prepare them for GCSE.  Modules studied in Year 9 include recycling, electronic textiles, garment making and computer generated printing.  This solid foundation to GCSE reflects the specification and assessment criteria at GCSE giving students an accurate insight into the demands of GCSE Textiles.

Students in Year 10 & 11 build on the substantial knowledge and skills accumulated during the previous 3 years.  They complete 2 pieces of Controlled Assessment, each comprising a practical textile product and supporting design folder.  Students choose the type of product made, discussing the possibilities with specialist textiles staff to ensure the product is of suitable complexity and emphasises the student’s particular skills set.  Each controlled assessment forms 30% of the final GCSE mark, with the remaining 40% resulting from the final written examination.  

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