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The Henry

Year 11 - Friday 1st February 2019

Work for French, German and Spanish will be to revise for their mocks and to continue to learn their speaking exam questions.


Mrs Drakes GCSE Food P&N groups
Timeplans – p319-320 in your E-book
Draft plan of timings/instructions over the 3 hour period 
Must show evidence of dovetailing 
Identify and Learn 10 new words from the glossary of terms in your revision book.


Mrs Hill's and Mr Morgan's  Year 11 Design and Technology Groups:

Read pages 38-39 of the revision guide, Scales of Production make notes on 4 types of production methods, glossary of key terms etc. Then answer all the questions at the bottom of page 39.


Please complete for science (triple and combined) the following:
Biology paper 2, chemistry paper 2 and physics paper 2 revision ready for the February mocks using the resources on the school website and their revision guides.


Year 11 level 1 Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Group

Please see the document attached below.

Please also remember you can access the following for any revision resources: