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The Henry

Year 9 Feedback on Straw Poll 1

Dear Parents

Following on from Straw Poll 1 on the 21st November 2019 you will notice that there have been a few changes to the options form which I would like to take the opportunity to explain. All of these changes have taken place in either block B, C or D.

Beginning with block B you will notice that GCSE French now appears, having moved from block D. GCSE French attracted very little interest from students in block D and we are hoping by moving it to block B that it becomes a more viable option.

We have also added GCSE PE to block B and GCSE History into block C as both have proven to be exceptionally popular with Year 9 in Straw Poll 1. In Straw Poll 2 GCSE PE now appears in blocks B and D.

As a school we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible quality of specialist teaching and learning for our young people. From September 2020 The Henry Beaufort School will not have a specialist Textiles teacher so we have therefore taken the decision to remove this option from the process. I am afraid this subject will not be reinstated but we hope that understand our reasoning.

Within block C  please note that we have now added GCSE Engineering alongside our two other Technology subjects; GCSE Design and Technology and GCSE Food. GCSE Food exceptionally popular and as a result we have been able to add another opportunity to study this in block D.

Block D has seen the addition of another GCSE Photography option following the high demand for this subject in Straw Poll 1.

You may have noticed that on the Year 8 Straw Poll 2 form we have added GCSE Business Studies. As this is a brand new course for The Henry Beaufort School we feel very strongly that students need a full three years in order for them to meet their potential in the subject, as well as our staff having the necessary time to plan and prepare the course to the highest possible standard. As a result of this we will not be offering this subject within the Year 9 options process and we hope that you understand our reasoning behind this.

Straw Poll 2 will be completed on Wednesday 15thJanuary 2020 during Personal Development day and if you wish to view the form beforehand it is available in the options section of our website.

Finally I would like to thank all parents for their patience and support so far in this process, it is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Miss Shelton

Assistant Headteacher


Update - 9th January 2020

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new option to our curriculum: GCSE Statistics. This has gone into the Year 9 options process in block C. Details of this new course can be found in the 'Subjects at a Glance' Booklet on the Introductory page. Alternatively students can speak to Mrs. Townsend (Academic Leader for Maths).


Update - 21st January 2020

Due to exceptionally low uptake of GCSE French in Block B on the Year 9 options form, it has been removed. All other subjects in all other blocks will now remain the same for the final Options Form.