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The Henry


At The Henry Beaufort School we place an importance on preparing our young people for the challenges they will face in Higher Education and beyond. In order to do this, we are working on a new initiative to bring the STEM subjects together and work collaboratively to ensure that our students are able to see the links between these different subject areas.


 STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Working closely with local companies who can provide STEM opportunities, our vision is to expose our students to the type of challenges that they may experience in their future careers.


 In order to achieve this we take part in a range of challenges throughout the year.  Each year we complete in the Ultimate STEM BP challenge which includes challenges such as investigating and building sustainable buildings with suitable insulation, building and testing water turbines, creating successful water rockets and designing new and innovative ways to improve products available today. All of these give the students the opportunity to achieve a Bronze or Silver CREST awards for their efforts.


We have recently started a new challenge of building a Rocket car.  This is linked closely with the Blood Hound rocket car which is being built to break the land speed record.  Students design and build rocket cars which can achieve speeds of over 300mph, which combines their mathematical skills, the technology department to help build the projects, and the Science department to help test and discuss how to improve their findings.