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The Henry


Welcome to our Governors page. Here, you can find insights into the role and function of our governing body. Whether you're curious about their responsibilities, interested in learning about who they are, seeking to get in touch, or considering joining our dedicated team of governors, we have the information you need. Click on the titled links below to explore each aspect further:

  1. What do our governors do? Discover the pivotal roles and responsibilities our governors undertake to support our school community.

  2. Who are our governors? Get to know the individuals who contribute their time, expertise, and passion to govern our institution.

  3. How do I contact the governors? Find out how to reach out to our governors for inquiries, feedback, or to discuss matters relevant to our school.

  4. How do I become a governor?

    Interested in making a difference and becoming a part of our governing team? Learn more about the process and requirements for becoming a governor.

For the governors portal please click here.