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The Henry

Exams and Revision

GCSE RESULTS DAY - Thursday 22nd August 2019

The Henry Beaufort School will be open for students to collect results in the library between 10am and 12pm on Results Day - Thursday 22nd August 2019.


All examination results will need to be signed for and cannot be given to any other person other than the student unless prior written approval has been given by the student to the school by 28th June 2019. The permission letter must be signed by the student and the nominee must bring proof of identity with them on Results Day.


If students prefer to have their results in the post they must make this request by 28th June 2019 and provide a stamped addresses envelope to the school.


Results will not be disclosed over the telephone or sent by email.


Year 11 

Procedures for registration and exams after half term

  • As of 4th June you will only need to be in school if you have a revision session, an exam or wish to access a study room.
  • You will be required to sign in and out of the library (LRC) from the 4th June at all times of the day when attending school. 
  • All signing in and out will take place at the LRC for all Year 11 students.
  • You will no longer register with your tutor.
  • It is vital that you sign out before you leave to ensure we know who is still on site. Even if there is a queue……PLEASE WAIT… It is very important. 
  • You must still sign out even when you finish at 2:40pm in case you are staying in school for additional revision or staying late for an exam.
  • You are not permitted to leave the school site and go to Tesco’s and then return. You must stay in school or sign out and go home.
  • Quiet study room(s) in school will be available every day for you to use if you need a quiet area to work in.