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The Henry

The Senior Leadership Team

Please view the Senior Leadership Team's  roles and responsibilities below.


Sue Hearle - Headteacher

I am very proud to be the Headteacher of such a superb school.

My role is to ensure that our school community is happy and everyone in the community feels supported and appreciated and that the school maintains the highest standards of education for your child.

Our school community provides a stable constant for our young people. We have codes of conduct so that the community can function and so that learning can remain at the heart of our purpose.  

I am very well-supported in my role by teaching and support staff who have children at the heart of every decision they make. My regular learning walks around the school allow me the opportunity to see great teaching in action. Our students are focused, engaged and ready for the challenges that learning at The Henry Beaufort School brings. Learning is about the wonder of the new, the opportunity to begin on a path of exploration that will take our young people into diverse career opportunities as well as new adventures that will enrich and reward their lives.

Teaching young people so that they have these opportunities is both a privilege and a joy.

Part of this teaching is the reinforcement of the difference between right and wrong, the value of kindness and the understanding of social issues so that informed and safe choices can be made by our young people.

 I meet on a regular basis with students to hear their views on the school and how we can make it an even better place to learn and provide enriching opportunities. They talk to me about the ambition they feel for themselves as well as how that ambition is supported by their teachers and tutors and Heads of Year. The community atmosphere of the school is very important to us all, and it is one of the reasons that we operate a vertical tutoring programme, allowing students of all ages to work together in a structured pastoral environment.


Eleanor Shelton - Deputy Headteacher 

Strategic Lead for Quality of Education: Curriculum: Implementation, Intent, INSET and CPD 

The Henry Beaufort School is a unique place to work; I consider it such a privilege to be a part of such a great team of staff and students. As well as teaching GCSE English Language, my role centres around ensuring that our curriculum enables every child to reach their potential. This involves looking at the courses we offer each year to make sure they best fit each year group as they approach their option choices in Year 8. Working with Year 8 on their options is a fantastic opportunity for me to lead them in their decision-making and exploring what they enjoy. It’s a long process but vitally important to their long-term success at Henry Beaufort. 

I also have strategic oversight of Homelearning, CPD, Teaching and Learning, and Quality Assurance processes including Student Voice. These roles support both students and teachers in striving for consistency and excellence in all that we do.


Andrew Applin - Deputy Headteacher

Strategic Lead For Quality Of Education: Impact, External School Partnership Working

From September 2023 I am delighted to be taking on the role of Deputy Headteacher. Over the past eight years as Assistant Headteacher here, I have been delighted to work with some many wonderful colleagues who have helped our young people onto their next steps in education or training.

My focus for this academic year is the smooth transition into our management information system - Arbor. We will be moving most of our integrations into Arbor so making this transition is important for all stakeholders to make access to school information and documents easier.

The other area of my role will be looking at the impact of the curriculum on the school. This involves the management and analysis of the internal data to support the overall whole school measures of progress and attainment.


Holly Briggs -  Assistant Headteacher

Strategic Lead for Pastoral including Behaviour, Attitudes and Personal Development

I was appointed by The Henry Beaufort School in January 2019 after teaching in London for twelve years.  The Henry Beaufort values of Pride, Happiness and Ambition were the initial attraction to the school, as this underpins my whole ethos about students and their education.

I am extremely committed to the teaching profession and am passionate about pastoral care and the development of students in every aspect of their lives. I am the Assistant Headteacher with strategic lead for Pastoral, including behaviour, attitudes and Personal Development. 


Emma Colebourn - Assistant Headteacher

Strategic Lead for Life Chances/Student Opportunities

I was appointed Head of PE at the Henry Beaufort School in September 2013, having relocated from the Midlands. I am extremely proud to be a member of staff at the Henry Beaufort School. My passion is to support and challenge students to be the best that they can be, whether that be in the classroom, or in an extracurricular capacity. I seek to promote the school’s values of ‘Pride, Happiness and Ambition’ in everything I do.

I am excited to continue to develop a highly inclusive curriculum and opportunities outside the classroom to meet the demands and needs of all our students. 


Alison Caplin - Bursar

I have been working at The Henry Beaufort School for four years now and have found the years to be very rewarding, overcoming the many challenges we have faced.

I have been working in Education for over 20 years, across a number of different phases, and am passionate about the many experiences and opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge; preparing them for their further studies and on into employment. 

My background is in financial management. However, I have a number of years’ experience of managing professional services, including Human Resources, Student Welfare and Careers. I am also an ambassador for positive change and process improvement. 

My aim, here at The Henry Beaufort School, is to drive improvement in the Professional Services Team and ensure a smooth transfer of information between school and home, as well as improve both the student and parent experience.  I am also responsible for setting up and managing a balanced budget; facilitating the teaching and learning and support received by our students.