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  • GCSE Drama Trip to The Mayflower Theatre

    Published 21/06/24

    On Thursday 18th May, the Year 11 GCSE Drama class headed to the Mayflower to watch Come From Away. Watching live theatre performances is a crucial part of their course and the students will be examined on it during the exam element of their GCSE.


    This smash hit show shares the incredible real-life story of the 7,000 air passengers from all over the world who were grounded in Canada during the wake of 9/11, and the small Newfoundland community that invited these ‘Come From Aways’ into their lives with open hearts. The Mayflower was a full house, and we all enjoyed the joyous story and soaring music.

    As always, the Year 11 students were a credit to the school, and we wish them all the best in their Drama GSCE exam!


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  • Humanities Focus

    Published 06/06/24

    The Brittanica Encyclopaedia defines the study of Humanities as “those branches of knowledge that concern themselves with human beings and their culture with analytic and critical methods of enquiry derived from an appreciation of human values and the unique ability of the human spirit to express itself”. At The Henry Beaufort, our three Humanities subjects - History, Religious Education and Geography seek to do just that – with a breadth in our curriculums which challenges our students to truly reflect, considering different perspectives and ideas.

    We seek to make our lessons and home learning as engaging as possible – in Geography, some recent project style home learning entitled “Biome in a Box” – students were challenged to recreate one of the Earth’s large ecosystems in a box – including plants, animals and, in some cases, the climate! The engagement level on this project was truly fantastic – you can see some examples below:


     A recent History in class project saw students presenting on the Black Death, during their Medicine topic. As you can see the quality of their presentation materials was truly exceptional.


    Cultural Capital is truly crucial to a well-rounded Humanities curriculum and we are always seeking to develop the extra-curricular opportunities in our department – from a fantastic Environmental Club, to visits to a Gurdwara and Mosque, from our Geography fieldwork opportunities to our current project – a truly thought-provoking cross-curricular Cultural Capital day for Year 8s in June.

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  • D-Day 80th Anniversary Menu - 06/06/2024

    Published 22/05/24


    As part of the national D-Day 80th Anniversary, on Thursday 6th June, caterers across the UK are teaming up to celebrate national fish and chip day. We will be taking part in celebrating the role fishermen had during WW2 on D-Day and what is now a British tradition.

    Please view the menu below that will be available in the Bistro on the 6th June 2024.



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  • Dragons Den

    Published 23/04/24

    The Henry Beaufort School was invited by Sparsholt College to take part in a Dragon’s Den event, where we competed against the other Winchester schools to gain investment from local businesspeople. Our task was to come up with a sustainable solution to a problem within the school. Oscar created our House Bin system, where there’ll be 7 bins, one for each house. Each bin will have a clear front and clear bin liners, so whichever house has the most litter by the end of the week will win prizes or points for their house. Jonah made a prototype out of wood to show the Dragons. Eventually, two Dragons made an offer totalling £250 to get the project going! Hannah, Jonah and Pan bravely presented the idea in front of a large audience and made the school incredibly proud. The creation of the bins will be starting soon!

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  • Macbeth

    Published 23/04/24

    This month we had an incredible opportunity for our Year 9 students, with touring theatre company Quantum Theatre, coming in to perform Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy ‘Macbeth’. Year 9 will be studying Macbeth in the summer term and so this visit allowed them to see the story unfold in the way that Shakespeare intended, through a fantastic, engaging performance. The cast of Quantum Theatre were brilliant as always and our Year 9s could not take their eyes off the performance. The sword fighting scene at the end created lots of excitement!

    A big thank you to all of our Year 9 students. You represented Henry Beaufort well. Quantum Theatre said you were a fantastic crowd, and they would love to return! We are looking forward to seeing this engagement and excitement in the summer term, when we tackle Shakespeare’s tale of ambition!


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  • History Club News

    Published 23/04/24

    Currently, Henry Beaufort’s Year 7 history classes have been making some beautiful Motte and Bailey castles. These castles represent how William the Conqueror took control of the county after defeating Harold Godwinson in 1066.

    As well as that, the Year 8s at the school have been making some brilliant World War One trenches. Many were amazingly historically accurate and included many little, realistic details such as artificial barbed wire, sandbags and duck boards. This reminds us of the terrible conditions suffered by soldiers.

    In the school’s History and Archaeology club, we have recently submitted our PowerPoint for the Hampshire Archives local history competition. We decided to make it about the Sparsholt Roman Villa, specifically about its mosaic. Currently, we are making some fun and often weird history-themed board games like a spin on top trumps and monopoly.


    This was written by the History Club.

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  • Poetry Live!

    Published 17/04/24

    Poetry Live! Bournemouth - Wednesday 28th February 2024

    This month, we had the pleasure of taking 95 Year 11 students to the Poetry Live event in Bournemouth. The event had a star-studded line-up of both poets and senior examiners, including the likes of Carol Ann Duffy, Imitiaz Dharker and John Agard. The event offered our students an invaluable opportunity to delve deeper into the works of the poets behind the anthology aspect of their GCSE Literature course. Our students truly made the most of this opportunity, with many of them asking some great, insightful questions and making detailed notes that will be really useful to them when revising for their Literature exam.

    As always, our students were an absolute credit to Henry Beaufort and represented the school excellently. I could not be prouder of our young people for their incredible attitude and engagement on the day!

    Mr Cameron


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  • Drug Awareness

    Published 17/04/24

    On Tuesday 19th March it was Personal Development Day.  Year 10 had a guest speaker come in to deliver a presentation, Asha, who is Head of Education at the Daneil Spargo Mabbs Foundation.  We think this was educational and delivered well.  It was engaging and interesting, especially as we learnt all about Daniel’s life.  After the presentation, we had a lesson on the topic of Drugs Education, ranging from the impact of taking drugs, peer pressure of taking drugs and the choices and consequences of taking drugs.

    As a year group we learnt a lot from this day and think that in the future  it would benefit all Year 10 groups.  Most teenagers are unaware of how quickly your life could be ruined by taking drugs, but also unaware of how the people in your life can be affected too.  And this day taught us that.

    Three Year 10 students.

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  • Spring Concert

    Published 17/04/24

    I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to all the students involved in the Spring Concert on Thursday 7th March 2024.  They filled the Sports Hall with the most exquisite sounds and both Mrs Saunders and I were overwhelmed with pride, admiration, and positivity after such a wonderful evening of music.  In the Music Department, we embrace and thrive on music from different cultures and genres and like to celebrate music that is diverse.  We had everything from sublime Beethoven to heavy rock – we loved it all!

    We broke with tradition this time and started the evening with the wonderful Resonate Choir.  The harmonies and strength in the students’ voices gave us a brilliant welcome.

    Throughout the evening, we were treated to excellent performances from all three GCSE classes in Year 9-11.  It is so wonderful to showcase the range of instruments and talent of our GCSE students.

    We also had the Chamber Choir, which is ably led by Ms Orba, our singing teacher.  The Chamber Choir really gave us a masterclass in how to sing beautifully and also to bring the performance aspect of concerts to life with their well-coordinated and uplifting choreography.

    As has become tradition, we ended the evening with the Jazz Band, who, under the leadership of Mr Wilson, has really grown in both numbers and quality. They have really bonded as a group of musicians and their fantastic sound is down to sheer hard work at both Jazz Band rehearsals and also their dedication to practising their instruments outside school.

    I am genuinely proud of every musical performance in the concert. However, I must highlight the exceptional performance of the school orchestra, which I believe sounded truly amazing. Their remarkable attention to detail and the development of their musical skills over the past two terms have been evident. I am incredibly proud, as it takes considerable hours and effort for an ensemble to achieve such a cohesive and impressive sound.

    We were also treated to various other ensembles, such as the Flute, which included students who have only been learning the flute since September alongside the other more experienced musicians.  We also had stunning solos and gorgeous duets.  What a wealth of talent!

    As always, it was our Year 11 students who really led the way for the evening in both their support behind the scenes but also in their high-quality performance. They are all wonderful students to work with and are hardworking individuals and true role models for the younger students.  As I said after the concert, I really hope that Year 7-10 were paying attention as we would love them to follow in Year 11's footsteps! Mrs Saunders and I would like to thank Year 11 for being so delightful and inspiring to work with and making our jobs an utter delight.

    So what’s coming up for us?

    Well, we’ve got a summer concert on Tuesday 2nd July.  This will be a slightly smaller affair in the drama rooms – posters and letters will come out during May/June.

    Following on from our successful run with Matilda in the Theatre Royal in January 2023, we are now really excited about our next production, which will be ‘Everybody’s Talking about Jamie’ (teen edition).  This will be performed in the Theatre Royal in Winchester:

    • 1st night Wednesday 22nd January 2025 7pm
    • 2nd night Thursday 23rd January 2025 7pm
    • Final night, Friday 24th January 2025 7pm

    The energies of the Expressive Arts staff and students will now be dominated by our rehearsals and preparation for this huge production.  Please spread the word and encourage your friends and family to come and watch at least one performance.

    It is the magical combination of dedication and support from students, parents, teachers, and the wider community that enables us to put on these concerts. So finally, a very big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who supports the Music Department at The Henry Beaufort School. 

    Mrs Seddon

    Head of Music

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  • Winchester College places are offered to HB students.

    Published 18/03/24


    Winchester College placements

    We're thrilled to announce that 4 of our students have been offered positions at Winchester College, with 3 accepting their offers. Founded in 1382 by William of Wykeham, Winchester College is renowned worldwide for its excellence in education. 

    We're immensely proud of these students, who not only excelled academically but also demonstrated outstanding character through their application process. Congratulations everyone!

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  • Chinese New Year

    Published 07/03/24

    Happy Chinese New Year!   


    At Mandarin Class this term, Year 7s  have been learning about family, friends, and animals. Year 8s have been learning all about countries and describing holidays. This led us nicely onto the topic of Chinese New Year which was celebrated on the 10th February over the course of 15 days. We welcome the year of the Dragon (龙🐉)this year in 2024.

    Both students from Henry Beaufort and Westgate School were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make ‘baobuns’ 包🥚and ‘dumplings’饺子🥟. Mrs Golding from Rome, the Technology Department, and Mrs Pan kindly offered their expertise in making these delicious foods in under an hour. It felt like ready-steady-cook!

    The results were amazing and students had fun learning Mandarin in terms of preparing food, which forms a huge part of the culture.


     Mrs Pan        Mrs Hallett        Mrs Golding

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  • Primary School Visit

    Published 07/03/24

    The Henry Beaufort School continues to support the schools in our Primary School cluster to help give children positive and memorable learning experiences.

    On Friday 2nd February Mr Lane hosted the reception class from Itchen Abbas Primary School. 

    The children had just completed the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch at school, learnt about hibernation and migrating birds and came to The Henry Beaufort school and under the expert guidance of Mr Lane made some bird boxes in the technology rooms to take back to put up at school. 

    The reception students were taught how to use a saw, glasspaper and a drill and went away proudly, with 2 new bird boxes.

    Mrs Parsons the class teacher said “we had a tremendous time and what a wonderful experience for the students”.

    Thank you Mr Lane for offering an amazing learning experience.

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