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July 2023


    Published 29/07/23

    The Henry Beaufort School is celebrating excellent results that are in line with expected outcomes and as we anticipated, a significant number of subjects have results that are above the grades achieved in 2019.

    Maths and English continue what is now a five-year trend of above 80% for grades 4-9. The school is committed to a broad and balanced range of GCSE choices, and it is particularly satisfying to see expressive arts subjects such Music and Photography at 90% grade 4 to 9. Equally the school’s focus on languages has seen another set of outstanding results with French and Spanish at 91% and 85% respectively.


    Sue Hearle, Headteacher said, ‘This has been another excellent year for The Henry

    Beaufort School and is evidence of our consistently high performance as a school.

    Despite lost learning time in lockdown, our young people have risen to the challenge and worked with my incredible, highly skilled colleagues to secure successful future opportunities in education and the workplace.

    Well done to our Year 11 students, they have shown that hard work, resilience, and determination lead to very well-deserved success.’



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