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October 2020

  • Headteacher Newsletter - 23rd October 2020

    Published 23/10/20


    23 October 2020 

    Dear Parents, 

    As we near the end of the first half of the autumn term I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you to say thank you for all your support this half term. This thank you also extends to our young people for the way in which they have handled the changes to the school site and our daily routines. 

    We have maintained very tight restrictions on visitors to site and cancelled all community bookings for the foreseeable future. Although this is a cost both to community users and to the school in terms of additional income, we are convinced that this has made a significant, positive impact on our response to Covid-19. The DFES have published attendance figures for all secondary schools nationally. For the first half of the autumn term this stands at 87% nationally. Our attendance figure for the Henry Beaufort School is 94%. A figure that is 7% above the national average is in no small part down to the work being undertaken by my colleagues. 

    I would like to thank our site and cleaning team for their hard work and commitment to keeping the site clean and hygienic. Three hours of deep cleaning takes place every night of the school week as well as additional cleaning throughout the day. I would also like to thank all my colleagues, who are required to leave the school site at 4.15 to enable all team areas to benefit from this deep clean during the working hours of the cleaning team. None of us like to have to leave at a specified time but the sacrifices they are making are also a significant contributory factor to keeping our community and our families safe. 

    Face masks have become a part of our daily routine but we have found in the last few weeks that a growing number of students are forgetting to bring these and this is becoming a financial burden for the school as we are handing out disposable masks on a daily basis. With half term looming this would be a good time for students to check their bags and make sure they have a mask ready and packed for the school day. 

    As of the 2nd of November we will be charging 50p for each disposable mask that is requested. 


    The school has ordered additional outdoor seating for students and we hope that this will arrive shortly. In wet weather indoor areas or classrooms are available for all year groups. We are also making a few changes to lunchtime provision. After half term Year 9 will have access to the Bistro and the Tardis at the start of their lunchtime and Year 8 will go to lunch in the second half of the 30 minute beak. This is a direct swap so that each of these year groups who are on the second half of lunch have the opportunity to benefit from a slightly earlier lunch over the course of a half term. We have also asked the Bistro to put aside food items that are popular so that all year groups have the opportunity to purchase a favourite snack. 

    This will be reviewed again at the end of this term. 

    An additional water fountain for bottles will be installed over the half term. Details will be published to students after half term. 

    I am delighted to inform you that the contract work to build an additional food technology room is on target to be completed over the half term. The food technology room is being built to the standard and look of a professional kitchen. We will be sharing with you pictures of the new room on our website and Facebook page after half term. 

    We look forward to giving our young people the opportunity to experience a professional food preparation environment. Thank you to our contracted builder, T Coleborn and Son who have been fantastic throughout the build. 

    Although we have not been able to run our usual on site events this term, we are where possible putting together virtual presentations on the school website. We will let you know if this applies to your child. 

    Last week the Senior Leadership team took part in a live Q and A event with prospective parents. A recording of this event is now available on our website and Facebook page. If you know of anyone who is looking for a secondary school placement for Year 7 2021 please do mention this to them. 

    I do hope that you are able to enjoy some time as a family over the half term despite the restrictions on our daily lives. 

    I am ridiculously excited because I have managed to book a slot at my local recycling centre. Some extreme garden pruning has been diarised for the weekend! 

    I look forward to being in contact with you again after the half term break. 

    With my best wishes, 

    Miss Hearle 


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  • Literature Quiz Final 2020

    Published 22/10/20

    Back in March The Henry Beaufort School took part in the School Library Service Literature Quiz 2020. A team of four students was selected following a tough qualification round, created and hosted by our Year 10 Student Librarians. Eleanor H, Olivia F, Angus C and Sophie R travelled to The Romsey School to take part in the Regional Round and put in an excellent performance, taking second place – missing out on first by just one point! With the first place team automatically qualifying for the County Final, our team had an anxious wait to find out if their score was high enough to qualify but a week later we were informed that they had done enough and were invited to compete in the final at the Winchester Discovery Centre. Sadly, the planned event was prevented from taking place but instead we were able to host the County Final in school instead. 

    The event took place on Wednesday 30th September in the library with a reduced team of three who did exceptionally well answering eight rounds of questions with themes such as Shakespeare, Series and Sequels and Our Diverse World. After having a nail-biting wait to find out the results we were delighted to find out that Team Henry Beaufort had come a very impressive 2nd place. 

    Congratulations to the team for such a brilliant achievement!

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  • The Henry Beaufort School has launched its own Facebook Page

    Published 16/10/20

    The Henry Beaufort School has launched its own Facebook Page. This opportunity to reach more parents of students in a way that is more convenient for them is something that we have been working towards for some time. The page will be used to remind parents of upcoming events and also to share with you the exciting events and activities that go on at The Henry Beaufort School. 

    Our normal forms of communication will remain the same and  this should be the way that you continue to communicate with the school. Please do not leave comments on the Facebook page. We reserve the right to remove these comments.

    Our Facebook page will allow you to navigate directly to our website when we are hosting events or resources.

    The world of social media is one that has allowed people to become closer across the world and we sincerely hope that our school community can grow closer as we are able to share more readily the huge success of our students as well as the exciting opportunities being provided for students by our staff.

    Please join us on Facebook by liking our page.  We look forward to developing this page for the benefit of our community.

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  • Information for all parents- operational details for post half term

    Published 09/10/20

    9th October 2020


    Dear Parents,

    I wanted to take the opportunity of bringing you up to date on our Covid 19 procedures and how we intend to operate on the school site now the weather is becoming autumnal.

    Year group bubbles will remain at social times with access to indoor and outdoor space for each year group bubble.  All children will have access to their inside social bubble space on arrival at school from 8am and there will be  a member of staff on duty to oversee each area.  We will also be making adjustments to social bubble areas and lunchtime arrangements after half term. These will be communicated to students and  parents before the half term break. Could I ask that students who walk or are driven in by car continue to arrive as near as possible to 8.30am.

    Could you please remind your child about the importance  of wearing face masks when moving around the school site.  At the moment our attendance rate is well above the national average and the focus on  wearing face masks as well as thorough hygiene measures throughout the day, will help us maintain this.

    We now enter the time of year when there is conflict between the need to have ventilated rooms and for the children to be warm within their classroom environment.

    Clearly we need ventilation in each room so could you please make sure that your child has a school jumper with them. We find  that complaints from children who are cold tend to be because they are only wearing their short sleeved polo shirt. There is a school jumper as  part of the uniform.

    We will need to put the heating on as the temperature falls but our aim is to balance this with some ventilation in each classroom. 

    Our primary aim is to keep the school open for all year groups with a focus on learning and progress.  Progress  Reviews have enabled colleagues to shape their programme of study to allow for catch up opportunities.  Our aim continues to be a reintroduction of  aspects of practical and additional  learning as and when we feel that they are safe and sustainable. 

    We are still waiting on information from the DFES  about the start date for next  year’s GCSE exam series. We will get that information out to you as soon as we know as I appreciate it may impact on plans for your  summer as well as our school calendar for the summer term.


    Message from the Science team

    Science is an engaging practical subject full of awe and wonder. Over the Summer term and since returning to the School site in September the Science teaching and technician teams have been working hard to develop a Covid safe approach to practical work in science lessons at The Henry Beaufort School following publications from CLEAPPSS and the schools risk assessment. This is a logistically challenging situation to ensure we are adhering to all of the published guidance, when you consider that we deliver 150 Science lessons a week in 8 different laboratories and that any equipment must be quarantined for 72 hours after use. We are going to prioritise the Required Practical opportunities students need to experience for their GCSE examinations, whilst ensuring all year groups have a consistent experience of practical work in Science lessons. We thank the students for their patience and ongoing engagement whilst we deliver Science in new and creative ways in the classroom and we look forward to introducing more hands on practical work opportunities as the term goes on.


    Message from the Technology team

    Year 11 Food groups will resume practical work from Monday the 12th of October.  In GCSE classes for D and T and Engineering the focus will remain on theory with some practical skills.


    Years 7 to 10 will also begin food practical’s from the 12th of October on a rotation basis. Where possible school will provide the ingredients.

    In D and T and textiles practical  lessons will also begin for Years 7 to 10.


    Daily Routines

    The school undertakes a deep clean of the school site which takes 3 hours each evening but we believe this is a significant contribution to keeping the site safe and hygienic, along with the students and staff wearing face masks and sanitising hands.

    Our key message remains : Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene.

    After half term we will be  introducing after school clinics on the school site just at this stage for Year 11. Late buses will be available for students staying to these clinics. A clinic timetable will be published to student and parents before half term.

    Year 11 students will start their first mock exam period after October Half Term. Students will be given a printed mock timetable later this week and a copy of the mock timetable will also be published on the website by Friday-

    Mr Coe is keen to point out that students have been building their own revision resources through tutor time this year covering all subjects, students should use these together with the work they are completing in lessons to prepare for the mocks. We would greatly appreciate you discussing the importance of revision and working hard for this set of mock examinations so that teachers can then support students to improve further following the mocks.

    Unfortunately students missed their Year 10 mocks before Easter. There will be a recap assembly for all Year 11 students on Friday 16th October, this will cover details on the policies and procedures when going into the exam hall and undertaking their exams.

    Mr Coe recently shared a range of Year 11 specific information in the video found here

    A further Year 11 information video will be available to parents and students on the website on 22nd October covering a range of information including revision, clinics and summer exams [ if there has been any update from the government by that date]. Further information will be sent from Mr Coe nearer the time.

    Year 11 Clinics will be the only after school activity up until Christmas so that we can continue to operate a deep clean every night after school.  We miss our vertical tutor grouping but maintaining year group social bubbles also reduces the risk of sending students home in the event  of a  CV -19 case.

    The measures that we are taking allows us to keep everyone as safe as possible so that all of our families are also kept safe. Many of us have elderly or vulnerable relatives who need our support and need us to be able to visit and support them without fear of spreading infection.

    Thank you for your continuing support of the school in these very different times for us all.

    Kind regards

    Miss S Hearle


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