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The Henry

A Bridge to Victory

Beaufort Technology students win first prize in bridge building challenge.

On 29th March, two teams from Year 10 travelled to the Milestones museum in Basingstoke to take part in the Construction Challenge hosted by the Institution of Structural Engineers. There were 11 teams from 9 schools and all were unaware of the exact nature of the challenge until they arrived.

With only masking tape, paper, nuts and bolts as materials, students were asked to build a bridge which would span a gap of 1.5 metres and withstand 4kg at the centre of its span. The teams had only four hours to complete the task and were evaluated by the quality of the design, its construction and the bridge’s ability to withstand the tests. Afterwards, each team had to give a presentation to explain the theory behind their design and were judged by a panel of professional structural engineers.

Constructing the strongest bridge and presenting the best ideas were first place winners Max Tibbitts, Sam Martin, Ashley Wilmott, Katherine Adams and Chris Turvey.

bridge winners