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The Henry

Sophie saves the day!

Sophie Egerton-Kemp needed quick thinking and a cool head to help a stranger as he collapsed on the side of the road.

Sophie was walking along Romsey Road on  September 14 when she saw a man acting strangely. She said: "He was standing by the edge of the road and making strange noises. At first I thought he was drunk, but then he just fell over into the road and began to have a fit." said the 14 year old.

Sophie, who lives in Romsey Road, went to the man's aid. She said: "I just acted on instinct. He had banged his head on the road and it was bleeding, so I put my jumper under his head. I then put him in the recovery position and tilted his head forward to clear his airways. Then I stopped a nurse who was coming down the road from the hospital and asked for her help."

Sophie asked another passer-by to call an ambulance and stayed with the man for 10 minutes before a police car happened upon the scene. Soon afterwards, three ambulances and three more police cards arrived to help.

The man, who was around 18, was then taken to hospital but all that is known about his identity is that his first name was James.

"I knew a bit about what to do because I have done the Duke of Edinburgh Award, but also because I learned it from watching Grey's Anatomy and Casualty," she said.

She said she did not stop to think about what was going on: "I just did what came naturally at the time but afterwards I was scared and shaking. I'm really interested in Medicine and would like to be a doctor when I'm older."

Sophie received a commendation from the Headteacher, he said: "This is a lovely example of what I expect all our students to do  in this situation. Well done to Sophie!"