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The Henry

Henry Beaufort Speedsters

Our Year 9 engineers have been hard at work designing micro drones. This is all part of a national engineering competition called Airgineers, which sees students design, build and race micro drones against other schools from around the country.

During the design stage the engineers have been learning to use SolidWorks, an industry standard computer-aided design package used for creating 3D models of engineered products. These models can then be sent to our 3D printer which builds the micro drone frame up layer by layer from a type of plastic called ABS. This allows our engineers to manufacture quality products to a high level of accuracy, something which would be unachievable using hand tools. Micro drone parts are then assembled into the 3D printed frames and the flight controllers programmed to allow the drone to fly correctly.

The engineers are now ready to begin flying these micro drones. They will be testing their designs and creating new and improved versions based on their flying experience.

For the latest updates follow us on: @BEAUFORTDT

Some other engineers are getting ready to enter two other competitons later this year. However, potential sponsors who might be able to help us purchase or supply us with materials or remote control equipment. If you think you can help please contact: