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The Henry

The Henry Beaufort School has launched its own Facebook Page

The Henry Beaufort School has launched its own Facebook Page. This opportunity to reach more parents of students in a way that is more convenient for them is something that we have been working towards for some time. The page will be used to remind parents of upcoming events and also to share with you the exciting events and activities that go on at The Henry Beaufort School. 

Our normal forms of communication will remain the same and  this should be the way that you continue to communicate with the school. Please do not leave comments on the Facebook page. We reserve the right to remove these comments.

Our Facebook page will allow you to navigate directly to our website when we are hosting events or resources.

The world of social media is one that has allowed people to become closer across the world and we sincerely hope that our school community can grow closer as we are able to share more readily the huge success of our students as well as the exciting opportunities being provided for students by our staff.

Please join us on Facebook by liking our page.  We look forward to developing this page for the benefit of our community.