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The Henry

Hello from Henry B! Edition 4 2021



27th January 2021


Dear Parents and Students,

I have to admit it was rather nice to wake up to a bit of snow on Sunday morning, just to look out on a slightly different scene. I particularly  enjoyed looking at all the mini snowmen that had been built using just the snow in the front garden in order to demonstrate  that no CV-19 rules had been broken in the making of snowmen!

I hope you were all able to enjoy the day too although I appreciate that it is not always a welcome sight, especially if you have to attend work.

I appreciate that for all of us there is a great deal of uncertainty around the return to school. We at present have no indication of when that may be and I imagine we will hear it when you do as part of a government briefing broadcast when a decision is made. So onward with the online learning!

We are all very impressed with the amount of work that our young people are doing in this current lockdown. As teachers we are learning all the time about how to deliver these on line lessons. I know that in my own lessons faced with a blank screen, I have to curb the tendency to talk all the time and let the students get on with the task (stop wittering Miss Hearle!). Judging the speed of the learning is also quite difficult when you don’t have your class in front of you so we also know that we need to slow down our delivery in some instances.

In the next few weeks I am going to be undertaking some online student forums with different year groups to get some direct feedback from our young people. This will allow us to learn from their experiences and develop our teaching techniques.

If you do get an ‘invite’ for one of these events please do attend, we really want to get your feedback to inform our development with delivering these lessons online. I will aim for them to happen during what would have been tutor time so you don’t miss any lessons.

We have begun our Lockdown new hobbies page and I am very impressed with the baking delights being created by Mrs Humphrys. I have started the patchwork quilt. The stitching may be a bit uneven but I am pleased with the start of what I feel is going to be a long project!

Please do send in photos of your achievements so that we can post them on the website page. You don’t have to be in the picture if you don’t wish to be but it would be lovely to share your creativity.

Creativity is certainly happening in science at the moment with lots of ideas whizzing around from both students and colleagues about how to undertake science practicals.

Here’s just a flavour of what has been going on:

  • Students carrying out active exercise investigations
  • Students using kitchen science to learn about osmosis and respiration
  • Teachers demonstrating the digestive system
  • Teachers making and sharing microscope slides live on camera

Again, if you have any photos we can share on the website do send them in using the address.


Year 11 – Revision Guides/Resources still in school

We are aware that our Year 11 students have resources they require at home but are still in school and some may require new exercise books and revision guides, therefore we will be collating all the resources each student requires from each subject department over the course of this week and will be asking students to come into school to collect on Monday 1st February and Tuesday 2nd February.


There will be two opportunities on each day to collect the items, between 10am and 11am and again between 1pm and 2pm.  Students should collect from Drama 2 in the Beacon Arts Centre. Please do not come into the school site beyond this building.


If you require further information, please email julie.potter@staff,


A Message from Mrs Clarke

Year 9 Teenage Booster Vaccination and HPV if required

  • Please ensure all forms are returned by Friday 29th midday at the latest as per the Schoolcomms sent out 21/1/21.
  • Information will be shared in a Student Assembly Friday 29th 12:15pm on Microsoft Teams.

Please only attend school on Thursday 4th or Friday 5th February during the booked time slot. Please follow all guidance previously sent out for the safety of you and all other users of the school site.

Any issues please contact Mrs Clarke -


Thank you to all of our support staff who are working tirelessly to ensure that we can continue to hold events such as these, as well as supporting our students in receiving the resources they need.

Finally just a reminder that school ‘closes’ at midday on Thursday as a result of our Virtual Year 8 Options Information event and Progress Evening. There will be no Microsoft Teams lessons Period 4 and 5 that day.

Perhaps this would be a perfect time to have a go at the recipe of the week provided by Mrs Golding, Eve’s Pudding [in the work at home folder] - don’t forget the custard!!

With my best wishes to you and your family,

Miss Hearle