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Beaustock Rock

Year 11 Leavers celebrate their time at Henry Beaufort with rock concert.

On Monday 12th May, the Henry Beaufort School celebrated Year 11 Leavers’ Day. This annual event at the school saw an assembly of 1000 students say farewell and thank you to the current Year 11. Various awards were given out to students, congratulating individual efforts in all academic areas and students who have made outstanding contributions to the life and community of the school.

Afterwards, Year 11 returned the school’s gratitude with ‘Beaustock’, a truly roof-raising rock concert featuring 100 artists, entertaining staff and students throughout lunchtime.

Headteacher, Jonathan de Sausmarez, was extremely proud of the departing Y11s. “Henry Beaufort has a long tradition of saying farewell to students in a very positive way,” he said, “The students epitomise what HB is all about, good relationships and mutual respect for each other.”

Year 11 students now enter a time of intense revision and exams, so everyone at Henry Beaufort wishes them good luck.

Leavers Awards


2008 Leavers' Awards were given to the following students:

Sport- Female: Fenella Langridge

Sport- Male: Steve Wright

Gym: Rachel Farmer & Becky Butcher

Dance: Clare Neave & Daisy Webster

Art: Ellen Braime

Drama: Abby Watton

Music: Jon Breakwell & Emma Shone

Entity: Aimee Hodnett

Languages: Isaac Myers

Science: James Taylor

Design and Innovation: Lincoln Chan

Maths: Jackie Leung

English: Poppy Gaunt

Humanities: Dan Brown

Homework Club: Ben Stannard

Community: Geran Butcher

Academic Progress: Brooke Meader

Personal Development: Richard Jackson

Service to School: George Bark.