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Year 11 get a taste of 1940s glamour

Year 11 Community Beauty group get a taste of vintage hair and make up

The Year 11 Community Beauty group got a taste of an age gone by on Wednesday 17th December when tutor Miss Gatesman gave a practical demonstration of 1940s hair and make up. The Community lessons give students that are interested in Beauty a taster of the industry.

The lesson began with students studying classic looks from the decade, with the history of make up being a fundamental part of beauty, learning about the effect World War 2 had on the rationing of cosmetics. Miss Gatesman then went on to demonstrate a classic red-lipped look on two of the students, Ciara Macdonald and Dawn Farquharson.

The students thoroughly enjoyed seeing their peers transformed by the dramatic make up and learnt a lot about where our make up styles today come from.