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Rhys Jones inspires students to aim high

Rhys Jones the youngest person to ever reach the seven highest summits on each of the world's seven continents visits Henry Beaufort.

New Forest climber Rhys Jones became the youngest person ever to reach the seven highest summits on each of the world’s seven continents on his 20th birthday.

He came to talk to the students at Henry Beaufort about the importance of having a dream and being motivated enough to realize their ambition. Rhys shared his experiences of being a 11 year old boy dreaming of climbing Mount Everest. He spent the next nine years climbing the seven highest summits finally realising his ambition in reaching the summit of Everest on Wednesday 17th May – his 20th birthday.

Charlie Stott, Year 11 said: “I found his talk really motivating; if we just put in the effort we can really do what we want to do”. Daniel Horton, Year 11 reflected, “With power of the mind you really can fulfil your dreams.”


Rhys Jones