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The Henry

HIU welcome charity 'Deaf F' to school

Local charity Deaf F spend time with hearing impaired students to talk about their work

On Wednesday 1st July, at lunchtime, the Hearing Impaired Unit at The Henry Beaufort School had a visitor from Deaf F, a Southampton charity run by Sonus. Deaf F aims towards inclusion of deaf youth, aged 11-19. They run exciting activities throughout school holidays so deaf people can meet each other, socialise and have fun!

Some deaf youth may feel isolated during the holidays because they do not see their deaf friends or they may be the only deaf student in a school.  The activities provide an excellent opportunity for them to meet others that are also deaf.

John Payne, who runs Deaf F, spoke passionately about all the upcoming events in August. Activities include;

  • Canoeing
  • Go Ape
  • Outdoor activity centre
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Sitting down volleyball

The students bombarded John with many questions such as, ‘Are sisters invited?’, ‘How much it would be?’, ‘What happens there?’, ‘Do we bring lunch?’, ‘How do we get there?’.  

They were advised to ask parents to fill in a booking form with a payment of £15 for each activity that they were interested in attending.

Ellie Fitter, Year 10, shared her experiences of Deaf F to the group with funny stories which led to much laughter. John kindly brought in a photo album of past Deaf F activities - the students enjoyed seeing the photos and spotting Ellie! Afterwards the students were really excited about going to Deaf F, and were eager to ask their parents if they can go.

One student said “I really want to go, I have never been before. I would love to do canoeing and paddle boarding because I love water sports!”, whilst another student stated “I can’t wait to go with my friends from school, I love deaf F!”.