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The Henry

Further UK Maths Challenge success

Following an impressive set of results in the UK Maths Challenge, a number of The Henry Beaufort School mathematicians have qualified for the next challenge.

The school's top performers, Josh Payne and Dylan Hartley, went through to sit the top level Maths Olympiad Paper. They both did extremely well, with Dylan achieving a Distinction (awarded to the top 25% of entrants) and Josh receiving a Merit award.

The following students qualified to sit the Pink Kangaroo paper. Their results are below:

Aaron Freemantle     112     Merit
Max Hawkes                101     Merit
Danny Maddaford    101      Merit
Sam Finch                     83         Qualification
Neil Wilson                  73         Qualification
Adam Mcclenaghan  66        Qualification
Holly Firrell                  65        Qualification

Special mention must go to Danny Maddaford who is the only Year 10 to make the list, which otherwise comprises of Year 11 students. Congratulations to all!