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The Henry

Students on Shark Island

Year 7 students spend an hour of high adventure with author of Shark Island, David Miller.

Recently, Year 7 students had the pleasure of welcoming the author David Miller to the school. David Miller is the author of the recently published children’s novel Shark Island.
As a keen traveller who previously worked in advertising, it was his experiences whilst visiting Borneo that inspired David to write his first children’s novel and, ultimately, become a full-time author. Currently writing the exciting sequel to Shark Island, Sea Wolf, David kindly agreed to take a break from his writing to speak to some of our Year 7 students.
“I went to the David Miller author visit and I thought it was brilliant. He told us about his time in Borneo and showed us photos of small beach huts like the ones that the characters of Shark Island were staying in. He also told us about headhunters who keep people’s heads as trophies. They also have long poles with a hole in that they use to stun or kill animals with poison dipped darts. I will definitely read Shark Island. It sounds action packed and full of adventure.” 
Gage Compton, 7W