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Student Leader to attend prestigious summer school

We are proud to announce that Year 11 student Josh Payne has been selected for invitation to the National Mathematics Summer School 2016 hosted by the Oxford University. Josh has competed in the Intermediate Maths Challenge this academic year, and following his excellent performance has been invited to attend this prestigious event for young mathematicians around the UK.


The Intermediate Maths Challenge, run by the UK Mathematics Trust, is aimed at pupils in Year 11 or below in England and Wales. The challenge takes the form of a one hour paper consisting of 25 questions. Students that perform best are awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate. Those students that achieve a Gold, are further separated, with some getting the chance to progress on to sit other papers. Josh went on to receive a merit award when he sat the top level Maths Olympiad paper.


The Summer School is organised by the UK Mathematics Trust, and gives an opportunity for high-achieving young mathematicians to experience working on intriguing and stimulating mathematics in the company of like-minded individuals. Held at St Anne’s College, Oxford University, there will be 40 students in Years 10 and 11 (or equivalent) attending the summer school for the first time, along with five slightly older students who recently attended the summer school and who are there to mentor younger students as well as working on their own mathematics.  The community is completed by a group of volunteer staff, including school teachers, academic mathematicians and university students, who gather to share their enthusiasm for mathematics.


Josh, a Student Leader, will spend time working with mathematical ideas, building on those the students have met at school, as well as completely new topics. The students will have lots of opportunity to work on problems and to collaborate with others, but there is also time in the schedule for other activities too: there will be an evening outing, an opportunity to watch a mathematical film and a Mathemusical Extravaganza in which the summer school participants provide the entertainment, as well as time simply to chat or play chess or borrow a book from the mathematical library.


Miss Hearle, Headteacher said: I am delighted for Joshua. He is an exceptional student and I know that he will embrace the challenge offered by this opportunity. We are all very proud of him.”.