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The Henry

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!   


At Mandarin Class this term, Year 7s  have been learning about family, friends, and animals. Year 8s have been learning all about countries and describing holidays. This led us nicely onto the topic of Chinese New Year which was celebrated on the 10th February over the course of 15 days. We welcome the year of the Dragon (龙🐉)this year in 2024.

Both students from Henry Beaufort and Westgate School were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make ‘baobuns’ 包🥚and ‘dumplings’饺子🥟. Mrs Golding from Rome, the Technology Department, and Mrs Pan kindly offered their expertise in making these delicious foods in under an hour. It felt like ready-steady-cook!

The results were amazing and students had fun learning Mandarin in terms of preparing food, which forms a huge part of the culture.


 Mrs Pan        Mrs Hallett        Mrs Golding