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The Henry


In Art we encourage all students to investigate their creative side productively, allowing everyone the opportunity to use a range of materials to explore and improve visual awareness, their expressive skills and communication of ideas through 2D and 3D media.

At Key Stage 3, we focus on developing students' skills through the process of experimentation, using different materials within structured projects. In Year 7 we develop basic skills in drawing, painting, pattern making and mask construction. In Year 8 we continue to build on these skills, studying art movements in more depth, and introducing clay work in the form of gargoyles. In Year 9, students are encouraged to understand artists' ideas and practices in more depth by focusing on context. They study emotion through sculpture, consumerism through Pop Art and Historical events through our War project. Skills are developed whilst retrospectively calling on experiences and knowledge gained in Years 7 and 8.

In Year 10 students can opt for GCSE in Art and Design, or Photography. In both courses, students study core projects in natural and manmade forms. 60% of their final grade is assessed from coursework, whilst 40% is determined by practical examination. In these final two years, students are expected to take ownership of their work and develop a sense of self exploration and progression. All GCSE students display their work at the end of the course at the annual Art exhibition.