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The Henry


At The Henry Beaufort School we want to work with parents in the education of their children. Therefore, your first contact should be with the student's Vertical Tutor. Please find a list of contact email addresses below.



AMIL - Ms Miles -

ABEA - Miss Bean

ABAR - Miss Bartlam

ASAU - Mrs Wybraniec (W, Th, F) & Mrs Saunders (M, T)  

ASED - Mrs Seddon (, T, W, Th, R) 

Mrs McArthur (M)



BHPH - Mrs Humphrys (M, W, Th, F) 

Mrs Watson (F)

BASN - Ms Assinder & Ms Lockhart (SD)

BBRU - Ms Bruins

BZAK - Miss Zak

BWOO - Ms Woolley

Miss McGrath -



LHAL - Mrs Y Hallett

LNAI - Mr Naisbitt

LLEG - Mr Leggatt

LMCM - Mrs McMillan

LWLN - Miss Wilson



MSAN - Mr Sandercott

MCHA- Mrs Chalke

MSMY - Mr Smyth & Mrs Watson (Th)

MFAR - Mr Farrell 

MHOA - Miss Hoadley



PWLS - Miss R Wilson

PBAL - Miss Balcombe

PFRA - Miss Fradley

PHIC - Ms Hickman

PHER - Ms Herbert & Miss McWhirter (SD) (M-Th)



RDRA - Mrs Drake

RHIL - Mrs Hill

RCOL - Miss Colebourn

RBRO - Mr Brown

RLAN - Mr Lane



WBUR - Miss Burbidge

WHRS Mrs Harris

WBID - Miss Bidwell & Mr Newman (SD) (M-Th)

WMUR - Ms Murphy

WWEB - Mr Webber


Non-tutor teaching staff

Mrs Taggart, Head of Year 7

Miss Rawson, Head of Year 8

Mr Coe, Head of Year 9

Mr Janes, Head of Year 10

Ms Harlan, Head of Year 11

Mrs Strevens, Teacher of the Deaf