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100% terminal examination





Students will study three aspects of Humanities when they start in Year 7. All students will have three Geography, three History and two Religious Education lessons delivered by the Humanities Team in year 7 and year 8.

Geography is one of the most exciting subjects that you will study at The Henry Beaufort School. Full details of the journey you will undertake can be seen in our curriculum Intent map uploaded at he bottom of this page.

Our subject can be applied to almost all subjects and future life. The combination of maths, science, social, economic, environmental, ICT, sociology links will help students progress in all their academic subjects. It will also provide students a real thirst for wider cultural capital and improved emotional understanding of world problems.

As students conclude their studies in Year 8 all students have a choice to opt for GCSE Geography that will start in Year 9. Over half of each cohort opt for geography as a GCSE and almost all students opt for one of the humanities at GCSE.

Selecting the GCSE Geography course encourages the development of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills through the study of physical and human geography. Students are required to undertake at least two field trips, one relating to physical geography and one relating to human geography.

The following topics are studied:

  • Global Hazards (physical)
  • Changing Climate (physical)
  • Distinctive Landscapes (physical)
  • Sustaining Ecosystems (physical)
  • Urban Futures (human)
  • Dynamic Development (human)
  • UK in the 21st Century (human)
  • Resource Reliance (human)



Paper 1(35%) – Our Natural World (physical geography) - 75 minutes

Paper 2 (35%) – People and Society (human geography) - 75 minutes

Paper 3 (30%) – Synoptic skills based exam with a decision-making exercise - 90 minutes


Personal Development in Geography

Personal development opportunities are integrated within the Geography five year curriculum. The theme of ‘sustainability’ runs throughout Geography from Y7 to Y11. This ensures that students develop in their role as a global citizen who are socially, morally, spiritually and culturally aware.

The curriculum map below shows a range of cultural capital experiences that are on offer to support students development, these can be seen in red text.

Career themes are covered throughout different topics across the five years to help students make informed choices for their chosen future.


To view a list of useful revision guides please click here.